Top 4 Prawn Curries That Will Make Your Dinner Worth The Wait
Image Credit: Unsplash, These prawn curries are best eaten with a side of steamed rice.

For all the non-vegetarians out there, get over your chicken and mutton. There are plenty of fish in the sea, or should we say fish, shrimps and prawns. Now, a lot of you may get confused between prawns and shrimps. While both are creatures of the sea, there is remarkable difference in their structures and bodies. Prawns appear to be bigger in size than shrimps and are also freshwater as well as saltwater creatures. However, both can be stir-fried or boiled and aren’t much of a hassle in terms of cooking. 

While we’ll keep shrimps for another day, it is prawns that we want to explore more. Coastal regions of the Indian sub-continent are quite well-versed with seafood. In fact, prawns, fish and shrimps are very commonly available and eaten in places like Goa. Take the Goan prawn curry for example. The hot and spicy curry is dunked with soft and chunky prawns which taste great on a bed of steamed rice. If you’re already craving prawn, here are some prawn curries to devour tonight for dinner. 

1.  Kerala Prawn Curry 

The fresh seafood that is available in abundance in Kerala makes us drool at even the thought of this prawn curry. The authentic preparation involves diced onions and tomatoes, turmeric powder, chilli powder and curry leaves. The hot and fiery looking curry is filled with deveined prawns and eaten with rice. 

2.  Punjabi Prawn Curry 

Are you wondering how did chicken curry get replaced by prawns on the Punjabi menu tonight? Well, this amazing prawn curry is a great spin to the classic dish with desi flavours. The dhaba-style method involves the use of ginger-garlic paste, bay leaves and tomato puree along with a host of other spices. This refreshing prawn curry is full desi yet delicious. 

3.  Pineapple Prawn Curry 

A popular dish from the Peranankan cuisine that is prevalent in Malaysia, the pineapple and prawn combination is quite a hit in the region. The tarty curry is possible, all thanks to the pineapple whereas the prawns are made delicious with a creamy curry made of coconut milk. The mélange of flavours will make you go gaga over this dish. 

4.  Thai Red Prawn Curry 

The classic red and green Thai curries are quite a rage in their cuisine. This time, instead of a chicken in red curry, try prawns. The red curry paste is prepared with kaffir lime, galangal and a host Thai spices. The prawns are dunked into the curry and coconut milk is added to thicken the dish. This creamy dish is served with a side of jasmine rice.