Tomato Saar To Rasam: Tried These Indian Soups, Yet?
Image Credit: Fa's Kitchen/facebook

Indian cuisine is known for its diverse and versatile flavours. Either you are looking for an exotic starter or a wholesome dinner, Indian platter has options for all kind of cravings. Talking particularly about comforting food, our traditional cuisine has a variety of recipes, from simple khichdi to spicy aloo paratha. These dishes are suitable for both hot and cold seasons. Another such food is a hot bowl of soup.  

Made with the goodness of vegetables, meat or milk, this hearty and delicious delight ranges from simple palak soup to spicy tom yum. Soups are rich in nutrients and help in keeping full for a long period. They are also beneficial in relieving symptoms of seasonal diseases like cold and cough. Another excellent thing about soups is that they are ideal for starters, meal, as well as untimely cravings and Indian varieties of soups come with aromatic flavours and bright colours. 

Here are five best soups from across India that can satiate your cravings and keep you healthy: 

1. Tomato Saar 

This tangy and mildly spiced Maharashtrian broth is made with ripe tomatoes, coconut and curry leaves. A staple in the state, tomato saar is usually eaten with steamed rice. It gets its smoky flavour from dried red chillies and is perfect for lunch as well as dinner.  

2. Pappu Charu 

This aromatic and spicy lentil soup is a gift of Andhra cuisine. The term pappu means lentils and charu is curry. It is an essential ingredient of Andhra thali and has many variants. It is prepared with toor dal and basic seasonings. Pappu charu is best served with steamed rice for lunch. 

3. Murgh Shorba 

Originating from North India, murgh shorba or chicken soup is popular all across the country. There are many variations but usually it is prepared by combining chicken pieces with butter, onions, ginger, garlic, coriander and other spices. This Indian-style chicken soup is super comforting and is also keto-friendly. 

4. Rasam 

This popular South Indian soup is served as a side dish with steamed rice, puttu, dosa or idiyappam. The main ingredients used in making rasam are tomatoes, tamarind juice, black pepper and other flavourful spices. This comforting soup is beneficial for digestion and is very easy to prepare. 

5. Gahat Ka Shorba  

Gahat ka shorba is a traditional soup of Himachal Pradesh that is made with horse gram. It is prepared by slow cooking the gram with seasonings. This warming soup is highly nutritious and is also packed with dietary fibres. Gahat ka shorba is mostly relished during the colder months. 

Make these soups at home and keep your tummy healthy and happy.