4 Tadkas That Can Make Your Dishes More Delicious
Image Credit: pexels.com

Cooking isn't just a job; it’s an art as well. When food is prepared with proper estimation and correct quantity, the role of ingredients becomes more crucial. For example, if you are about to temper dal, the right ingredients are necessary. Tempering is the soul and essence of cooking, so it becomes essential to have the correct information. Today we will tell you how every vegetable, lentil and curry carry a different tadka.

Chickpeas Tempering

Chole is commonly included in meals in most Indian households. Moreover, in Punjabi families, chole-rice is mandatory to be cooked once or twice a week. In such a situation, if you want to give your chickpeas an excellent tempering, use only cumin seeds, red chillies and khada garam masala. These spices will surely improve the taste of your chickpeas.

Coconut Chutney Tempering

Do you like coconut chutney? I guess everyone loves it with idli and vada. But, do you know this chutney gets its essence with the tempering? Hence, it becomes crucial to temper it with the right ingredients. Use only mustard seeds, red chillies, and curry leaves for tempering the coconut chutney.

Pumpkin Curry Tempering

Are you planning to temper the pumpkin curry with asafoetida and fennel? If yes, then please avoid it. It is also said that the best ingredient for tempering the pumpkin curry is fenugreek seeds. So, if you add a tempering of red chilli and garlic with fenugreek seeds, the taste of the curry becomes excellent.

Upma And Poha Tempering

Are you a fan of upma and poha? How would you feel when they get the wrong tempering? Both the taste and hard work go in vain. That's why it is vital to temper with the correct information appropriately. One should always use mustard seeds, red chillies, and curry leaves to make upma and poha tasty.