Suresh Raina Enjoys Cooking Time With Daughter Gracia
Image Credit: Suresh Raina/Instagram, The cricketer cooks with his daughter.

A former star of the international cricket scene, Suresh Raina has taken to his home duties after his retirement in 2020. Apart from being a great sportsman, Raina has also been a hardcore foodie. If you’ve been closely following his Instagram handle, you would know that he is a big-time foodie who loves to try out new things and satiate his cravings. Although it might be slightly hard to believe, given his physique and fit body, the cricketer isn’t just a foodie but loves to cook too. His Instagram stories are proof of this hidden talent. In fact, he also likes to spend quality time with his daughter through cooking and we recently spotted their adorable session.  

Raina took to his Instagram stories to share a glimpse of his cooking session with his daughter. The cricketer and his daughter, Gracia Raina, were seen out in the lawn of their house, making something delicious for their wife and mother respectively. His six-year-old daughter was standing near an earthen pot, with a spatula in one hand and was stirring. In the pot, we could see vegetables being cooked over a grill. There were carrots, broccoli, and beans in the pot from what we could make out. The video was captioned, ‘Cooking for mom’ and it was just adorable.  

Source: Pixabay

This seemed to be the perfect bonding time for the father-daughter duo. Moreover, this is not the first time Raina has showcased his culinary skills with his tiny one. In the past, Raina was seen cooking food in handi while Gracia was making pizza on the other side. His wife had shared a reel about the same and talked about how the love for food runs in the family. Earlier, we also saw Raina barbecuing grilled chicken for his wife in their lawn and his wife couldn’t be happier.  

The father and daughter seem to enjoy cooking for Priyanka Raina and we have proof enough to substantiate that claim. The boomerang posted by Raina is quite heart-warming, and also tells us about how Raina has passed on his culinary passion in his genes.