Food Therapist Nidhi Nahata Shares An Exclusive Recipe Of Mushroom Stir-Fry Wrap With Peanut Sauce
Image Credit: Mushroom Stir Fry Wrap with Peanut Sauce/ Pic-Justbe Resto Cafe'

Justbe Resto Café is India’s first Whole Food Plant Based resto café that believes in the expression of our ancient wisdom “We Are What We Eat.” Built in a 90-year-old heritage building that initially was the “Outreach Library” and later converted to a Community Centre, Justbe resto café brings wellness and holistic lifestyle together, founded by Nidhi Nahata, a Nutritionist, Health Coach and Food Therapist. The distinctive menu is crafted to tickle your tastebuds just right by offering an explosion of flavors. The resto café brings food, ambiance and other wellness activities together to help foster love, kindness and compassion for our mind, body, and soul and to everyone in the community, Earth. It serves creative, delicious, exciting and wholesome food made in the most extraordinary manner and in turn creating a niche for itself in its segment.

Justbe’s ambition is to educate and inspire people to learn the art of eating food that is premeditated for our body by nature. Her conscious kitchen serves food with love and makes all “Taste Good Health”. Her teams of health and lifestyle coaches work with her closely to help clients improve their diet, health conditions and fitness goals based on their lifestyle. Her resto café and the wellness center, includes: the main café, meal subscription, cooking classes (offline and online), health consultation, sound bath, vipassana, and yoga. Thus, promoting holistic health in one single space.

Mushroom Stir Fry Wrap with Peanut Sauce/ Pic-Justbe Resto Cafe'


1) In a pan cook the mushroom and garlic, add vinegar and water until tender, and cook for 10 min.

2) Once mushrooms are cooked and water is absorbed, add brown rice, spring onions, fresh basil, soy sauce, chilli, (optional) pineapple, salt, pepper and sauté well.

3) Dip the rice paper in warm water, place it on a parchment paper, and on top place lettuce leaf and then add the prepared filling and wrap it in a cone shape or any shape you wish.

4) Serve it with peanut butter in a bowl.