One Pot Chicken Meals To Stir Up In A Jiffy
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Chicken is high on taste as well as protein. Given its neutral taste, it finds itself part of innumerable recipes globally that have varied versions from region to region. Besides the usual curries and grills, chicken is a clever participant in one-pot meals too. For days when you do not want too many fishes piling up or simply for those times when you are hungry beyond waiting patience, chicken one pot meals could be your best bet. Check out the top five chicken one-pot meal ideas that can be a wonderful dish to devour anytime

1. Classic Soup

The classic item is best made in a pressure cooker with an Indian twist. Start with melting some butter and adding green cardamom, cumin seeds, black pepper and a stick of cinnamon. Add roughly chopped veggies and smaller pieces of chicken breast. Stir-fry before seasoning it to taste. Add some water and let the cooker work until a couple of whistles. Once cooked, add some more butter and blend to perfection. Add a dash of fresh cream and corn flour slurry to get a consistency you like.

2. Chicken Dal

Make a well-cooked tomato and onion-garlic-ginger based tadka. Add soaked lentils of your liking and sauté for some time before adding chicken strips to it. Add the usual desi trio (jeera-dhania-garam masala) besides the usual chilli and salt. Cook until mushy and well done. Your keema dal is ready in a jiffy. Garnish with some freshly chopped coriander leaves.

3. Chicken No Fuss Biryani

Move over the regular pulao and add some chicken to the rice veggies combo in the pot. Add some curd to the chicken veggies base before adding soaked rice. Top up with the biryani masala and a dash of ghee. Steam away to glory and your quick no fuss biryani is ready without much prep work.

4. Chicken Stew

The typical stew has its roots in colonial Kolkata. Simply sauté seasonal veggies along with potato and add chicken pieces too. Season mildly with basic salt pepper mix and steam without adding any colourant (kashmiri chilli/turmeric that is). Once cooked, make sure the veggies are done perfectly but have the chunky feel intact and the chicken is softly done. There needs to be a broth-like texture that is bettered with butter on the top. The classic stew is a full on one pot meal that fills you for long. This is vastly different from the soup since it is not blended or too mushy!

5. Chicken Jumble

Cut seasonal veggies in neat pieces on a slightly longer pattern. As an example, keep carrots in stick form or beans as a while! Sauté these on a pan with butter as the base. Add usual seasonings. The desi trio could be ideal but so could be Italian seasoning too. Add chicken breast strips to the veggies and sauté slightly before letting it cook on the pan with a low flame to go. Add some cheese as garnish and a dash of lime juice. Serve as hit as you can. This is more like a one pan meal bit nevertheless a fulfilling one.

With such awesome one pot chicken connotation, it might just get tempting to make your meals daily despite a tight schedule. Cooking can be tasty yet convenient after all. Go ahead and try these soonest!

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