Summer 2022: 4 Delicious Raw Mango Recipes From The Kitchens Of South India You Must Try
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Come summers and mango lovers rejoice like nothing else. It is the season of mangoes, and with so many varieties thronging the market everywhere, we are spoilt with choice. While ripe mangoes are a sweet and juicy treat, have you tried raw mango? The star fruit of spring, the tangy, tarty flavour of raw mango perfectly complements the weather. And once you taste it, you won't be able to stop noshing upon it. And guess what? Raw mangoes are super versatile, just like the ripe ones, and so sooner than you realise it, you'll be adding it to everything! It is a greener, soury version of the ripe and juicy mangoes, and can be found in abundance in markets.  

Raw v/s Ripe Mangoes: The Difference 

Now many of us might find it tough to differentiate between the raw and ripe mangoes, but it is fairly simple with a few simple differences. First and foremost being the colour- ripe mangoes are yellow in colour while raw mangoes, also known as Kachhi Kairi or Ambiya, are completely green. On one hand raw mangoes are firm, riped ones are soft and juicier than the former. Raw mangoes also have a pungent smell while ripe ones have a sweeter fragrance.  

Health Benefits of Raw Mango 

Raw mangoes also have several health benefits, as according to Ayurveda, it is known for its cooling properties, and is often used to make a refreshing drink called Aam Panna which is a great home remedy for heat strokes. Besides raw mango is enriched in vitamin C, which in turn helps in the absorption of iron and therefore, raw mangoes are often recommended to those suffering from anaemia. 

How to Use Raw Mangoes 

Raw mangoes are super versatile when it comes to cooking, much more than the ripe ones. Not only can they be grated and pickled, one can also make curries (especially from the southern belt) or chutney from raw mangoes too. Now while raw mangoes are popularly used in Thai cuisine to make refreshing salads, did you know it is used extensively in south Indian kitchens? Ambiye ki chutney and aapm panna is extremely popular all across the country, south India offers many more culinary treasures when it comes to raw mango. From chutneys to mixed rice to a palate enhancer in seafood dishes, raw mango is a key ingredient across South India, especially during the summer season. 

So basically, there's no reason why you should be shying away from bringing the refreshing summer ingredient into your kitchen while their short stint in the summer season lasts. And if you need a start, we have got you some exceptional raw mango delicacies from the kitchens of south India to try: 

1. Raw Mango Gojju

Here is a tangy, flavourful curry from Karnataka, that goes perfectly well with steamed rice and even crispy dosa. A combination of raw mango with lentils, coconut, red chilly, jaggery and a handful of spices is exactly what you need for a satiating meal during summers.  

2. Raw Mango Pachadi 

There are different versions of this typical Andhra-style raw mango Ugadi pachadi, however here is a traditional recipe prepared for Tamil new year. Dried neem flowers (vepam poo) fried in ghee and added to a mix of jaggery, chillies, spices and raw mango, makes for a perfect New Year treat.  

3. Raw Mango Rasam  

This tangy raw mango flavour is a tantalising alternative to tamarind, and goes best with steamed rice. 

4. Raw Mango Sadam 

Easy, quick and absolutely delicious, this raw mango sadam (rice) comes with a little bit of sweet, tang and spice.