Spinach For The Whole Week? 7 Distinct Dishes To Try
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As soon as the name of spinach comes up, the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘palak paneer’. Do you also prepare spinach dishes? But is it possible to include it in your diet every day? It’s difficult as no one can eat the same spinach sabzi or snacks every day. So, you may eat it only once or twice a week. But, it is advised to consume more and more green leafy vegetables in the winter season. Mainly, consuming spinach is good for health as it is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. If you also want to eat spinach seven days a week, then here are seven fun recipes to try.

Monday: Spinach Paneer Bhurji

You must have eaten only vegetables with gravy of palak paneer. But if you want, you can also prepare bhurji with its help. Apart from breakfast, it can also be eaten for lunch or dinner. Palak paneer bhurji is an Indian dish made with scrambled paneer and spinach. This is a healthy and tasty dish, which can be made in a few minutes. So if you are looking for a quick and delicious paneer recipe, you can prepare palak paneer bhurji.

Tuesday: Spinach Kadhi

If you love to eat kadhi, try it in a new variation by adding palak. In the tasty kadhi made with the help of gram flour and curd, you can include spinach in many ways. For example, you can cut the spinach and let it cook in the kadhi or make spinach pakoras and add them to the kadhi. Apart from this, you can also add spinach puree to the kadhi mixture if you want. However, by doing this, the colour of your kadhi will be green, not yellow.

Wednesday: Spinach Gobi

You must have eaten aloo gobhi many times, but now you must try effortless hariyali gobhi made with the help of spinach and cabbage. For this, spinach is cooked by first boiling it, blending it and adding spices. On the other hand, large cauliflower pieces are cut roasted in ghee with salt and turmeric. Later, spinach curry is mixed with cream, roasted cauliflower, and hot.

Thursday: Tomato Spinach Soup

After eating upside down for the whole week, sometimes I feel like eating something light. If you also want to eat something like that, prepare great soup by boiling and grinding spinach. However, some people don't like spinach soup. In this case, you can include tomatoes in it as they will add a tanginess to your soup and enhance its taste.

Friday: Spinach Paratha

If you want to make spinach a part of your breakfast, you can make tasty palak paratha. Its dough is prepared by kneading spinach in flour with spices. After this, you can bake it like regular parathas and serve it with butter, pickle, chutney, curd, tea etc., for breakfast.

Saturday: Spinach Pulao

Pulao is a favourite food in every household. However, if you want to eat rice tastier and healthier, you can make spinach pulao. In this, along with rice and spinach, you can also include your favourite vegetables. It will add health as well as flavour to your dish.

Sunday: Spinach Pakoda Chaat

Sunday is a holiday, and we all want something good and tasty that calms our taste buds. So here’s a fun dish to enjoy on your Sunday: palak pakoda chaat. This chaat is a simple yet delicious recipe. For this, you have to first dip the spinach leaves in the batter of gram flour spices and deep fry them in oil. After this, you can add curd, sweet chutney, chaat masala, salt and other spices to the pakodas. Your chaat is ready.

In which form will you eat spinach now? Tell us in the comment section.