Spice Up Your Holi Spread With These 5 Chaat Recipes
Image Credit: Source: Freepik

Holi is just a few days away and we know you must be busy prepping for it. The festival involves a range of affairs starting from smearing each other’s faces with colours to preparing for the vast array of delicious dishes. However, a foodie heart will always look forward to the assortment of delicacies reserved for the festival. From malpuas to gujiyas and chaats, Holi food has always tugged at the heartstrings of foodies. As we have already talked about gujiyas and malpuas, it’s time for us to indulge in some delectable chaat recipes.

No matter which part of the world you are in, chaat lovers will never leave a chance to relish a delectable dahi bhalla on Holi. Move over dahi bhalla and try some more exciting chaat flavours. Here are five options you can try.

1. Papdi Chaat

Street food trail without savouring papdi chaat? Can’t happen, won’t happen! Chaat lovers just cannot do without relishing a plate of flavourful chaat on their street food trails and Holi is no different. Try this delicious papdi chaat recipe and let us know how you like it.

2. Aloo Chaat

A simple and delicious chaat recipe made with boiled potatoes along with some spice seasonings and tantalising chutneys, this aloo chaat is all things delicious and healthy. The punch of lemon juice and coriander leaves makes the chaat more flavourful and delicious.

3. Cauliflower Chaat

If you find it hard to incorporate cauliflowers into your diet, this cauliflower chaat is one of the best options. The pan-roasted cauliflower florets are spiced with some masalas and curd and are served with a garnish of fresh coriander leaves.

4. Corn Chaat

Whip up a tantalising and delicious chaat with sweet corn kernels and some veggies, this chaat recipe is the one to bookmark for this year’s Holi spread. Enriched with the flavours of coriander chutney and dates chutney, this corn chaat is all things delicious and healthy.

5. Pasta Chaat

Turn your typical Italian pasta into a desi chaat with this recipe. Made with macaroni pasta, some veggies, seasonings and some delectable chutneys, this pasta chaat is one of the unique and delicious chaats to relish this Holi.