Japanese delight Sushi, have garnered a huge fanbase across the world. Not just us, but even our most favourite celebrities can’t hold back their love for the exquisite delicacy. And the latest to express her love for it is none other than actor Shehnaaz Gill. One of the most loved actresses in the entertainment industry, Shehnaaz enjoys a massive fan following on social media and often shares pictures and videos on her Instagram handle. And well, her photos and videos go viral within the blink of an eye. In her latest update, straight form her vanity van, Shehnaaz shared some glimpses from her food shenanigans, that she had with her team.

She took to her Instagram story and shared some fun videos. In one of the videos, the actress revealed they are waiting for Sushi as she was extremely hungry. She said, "Sushi..we are waiting for sushi". Later, when the sushi arrives Shehnaaz can be seen enjoying the delicious Japanese treat with her team members. What made us relate with her completely was when she wasn’t using the staple chopsticks to eat sushi, unlike her team members, but was seen enjoying the dish with her hands. The actress also says "Muje nahi khaana aata chopsticks ke saath".  It seems like Shehnaaz might have said earlier that she doesn’t like the Japanese classic, as she says “I apologise, I take my words back, I love sushi, it is my favourite” at the end of her indulgence. Take a look at some if the snippets from Shehnaaz’s sushi party: 

It was also revealed in one of the videos that Shehnaaz is a vegetarian. As she moved towards to take a bite from another sushi platter, one of her team members warned her that it is in fact, salmon sushi. Upon knowing so, Shehnaaz stops. Well, we are all about vegetarian sushi too as much as we love the salmon one. And if Shehnaaz Gill’s sushi party has left you craving some, we’ve got some sushi recipes right here that you can even make at home. 

1. Crab Sushi 

Just five primary ingredients and you can make your own sushi at home. Cream cheese, avocadoes, white rice, nori sheets and crab, it doesn’t get any better! 

2. Maki Sushi 

A vegetaran sushi roll made with brown rice, roasted shiitakes, cabbage, cucumber, avocado, and a tangy carrot-ginger dipping sauce, you won’t miss your usual salmon rolls after this. 

3. Futomaki Sushi 

It is a kind of sushi roll that comes with a variety of fillings such as vegetables and seafood (cooked) like unagi or anago (fresh water eel or salt water eel). Futomaki sushi is much thicker than tuna rolls or cucumber rolls, and the fillings are cooked and flavored, therefore you don't really need to dip in soy sauce.