Sawan 2022: 5 Snacks To Make During This Fasting Month
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Sabudana Tikki

Sawan literally translates to rain or monsoon. However, it is not just a change of season, but considered a holy time too. During this time of the year, many believers observe fasts for the entire month. This year, Sawan started on July 14 and it will last until August 12, according to the Hindu calendar. Many special foods are prepared during this time, including sabudana khichdi, kuttu pooris and vrat wale aloo.

However, for midday snacking too, certain foods are required. Since there are several restrictions followed and non-vegetarian food should be abstained, light and easy snacks made with sabudana, singhare ka atta and others need to be made. Followed by worshippers of Lord Shiva, the month of Sawan or Shraavana follows a host of rituals, practices and boasts of some delicious vrat-friendly foods too. 

Here are some snack recipes that you can make at home during this holy month.  

1.  Samak Chawal Dhokla  

The soft and spongy cake that is popularly eaten in Gujarati homes, dhokla is a sweet and tangy treat. A common snack item made with rice and lentils, the vrat dhokla is made with samak ke chawal or samak rice. The short-grain rice is preferred during fasting and the dhokla is made with a combination of samak rice and sabudana. Tempered with green chillies, jeera and sesame seeds, the dhokla is perfect to nibble on during the day. 

2.  Sabudana Tikki 

Tikki, for the unversed, is an Indian-style cutlet that is eaten with condiments like chutney. While most tikkis are made with potatoes, this one has sabudana in it. The tapioca pearls are mixed with mashed potatoes and act as a binding agent for making the flat roundels. These tikkis are then fried in hot oil until they turn crispy. Finally, the golden-brown tikkis are served hot. To add to the richness of the dish, raisins and cashews are added to the cutlets.

3.  Peanut Salad 

Peanuts add a crunchy touch to your vrat wala khana. Since they are readily available, a peanut salad is a good option for snacking during fasts. It not only keeps you full but provides you with nutrition too. The peanuts are peeled and roasted in a pan with ghee. Chopped vegetables like coriander leaves, boiled potatoes and green chillies are added to it. This is seasoned with rock salt and tossed together to give you a crunchy snack.

4.  Dates Laddoos

You needn’t wait for the fasts to get over to satiate your sweet tooth. The laddoos, for the unversed, are round sweet balls which are commonly eaten as dessert in India. Usually made with flour, these vrat wale laddoos make use of dates to get together a sweet meat. The pitted dates are tossed in ghee with some chopped nuts and roasted dry coconut powder. These are then rolled into balls in the palm and set in the refrigerator to chill.

5.  Roasted Phool Makhana

Makhana, also known as fox nuts, is a healthy and tasty snack that is perfect for Sawan fasts. They are light and easy to make and keep you full. The fox nuts are tossed in amchur powder, pepper powder, cumin powder and rock salt. This is roasted in coconut oil and eaten right away. It can also be stored in a container for later. Pop them one at a time and you’ll not feel like you’re hungry for long. These are super nutritious as they are made from lotus seeds.