Raksha Bandhan: 5 Coconut Sweets To Impress Your Brother
Image Credit: Coconut Ladoos

The khatta-meetha bond between brothers and sisters is something that is inexplicable in words. Despite a million fights and arguments, each of them know that they can fall back on each other when in need. You might refuse to make Maggi or share a pizza with your brother on other days, but on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, why not surprise him with some homemade sweets?

Add a crunchy twist to your desi mithais by adding some coconut to them. Don’t fret, they’re not too difficult to make and can be ready in a jiffy. You would need only a few ingredients and your delectable dessert platter would be ready. Be it the plain kheer or squared-shaped barfi, the flavour of coconut will surely amp up the taste of the sweets.  

1.   Coconut Pistachio Barfi

Barfi is usually a square-shaped piece of sweet that is made with lentils like moong dal as well as gram flour and many others. This Rakhi, make your barfis coconut sweet with hints of this desiccated fruit. Made with a combination of freshly grated coconut and sugar, the barfis are ghee, rose water and pistachios. Set them in the fridge for a few hours and enjoy. 

2.  Paan Coconut Laddoo

Spherical balls of decadence that make it to most Indian celebrations, laddoos are delicious sweet bites. These balls are made with desiccated coconut which is filled with paan leaves, condensed milk, gulkand, and ghee. The soft and fudgy balls are then rolled in some more coconut in the end to give it a snowy white look and slight crunch.  

 3.  Pineapple Coconut Kheer

Kheer, for the unversed, is a type of Indian milk pudding. This creamy and smooth dessert is served both chilled and warm. While the kheer can be flavoured with plenty of ingredients, it is coconut that adds a coolness to the sweet. Desiccated coconut, mixed with coconut milk and cornstarch is made thick and creamy. Pineapple chunks are added to this for a tinge of tanginess. This dessert is best served chilled.

4.   Coconut Karanji

Also known as gujiya in many parts of the country, karanji is a half-moon shaped fried dumpling that is stuffed with all things sweet and tasty. While the usual stuffing has khoya, mixed with nuts, castor sugar and raisins, you can also add shredded coconut to it. The karanji is then wrapped in the desired shape and deep-fried in hot oil. The crunchy exterior perfectly complements the soft and sweet filling inside.

5.   Coconut-Filled Gulab Jamun

Ever thought that your regular gulab jamuns could be stuffed with a crunchy ingredient? Well, we’ve got this coconut-filled gulab jamun recipe that is a must-try. The fried khoya balls that are dipped in sugar  syrup and served hot come packed with grated coconut and nuts like pistachios and almonds. These balls are thick, sweet and juicy and can be popped into the mouth in one go too.