Raksha Bandhan 2022: 5 Healthy Indian Sweets For Your Brother
Image Credit: Raksha Bandhan sweets with a healthy twist

While we may fight with our brothers for that TV remote a million times or grab the last slice of pizza before they do, the love and care that we have for them cannot be described in words. All the quarrels and tiffs are worth it when it comes to Raksha Bandhan. The day marks the celebration of the bond between a brother and a sister. Tying a piece of thread on the wrist of their brothers, the sisters pray for their long life and protection. 

Interestingly, the sisters get gifts after tying rakhi but no celebration is complete with a platter of sweets. To surprise your brother this year, you can prepare some delicious Indian mithais with a healthy spin so that he doesn’t have to count calories while eating. 

1.  Sattu Ke Ladoo 

Ask any Bihari and they would tell you how beneficial sattu is for one’s health. Not only savouries and drinks, sattu can be used for making desserts too like this ladoo. The spherical balls are made with sattu flour, mixed with chopped nuts, cardamom and ghee. Sweetened with powdered sugar, the dessert is a slightly healthier version of usual ladoos. 

2.  Quinoa Kheer 

Kheer, for the unversed, is a creamy milk pudding that is usually made with either rice or vermicelli. While your brother may take only a spoon of this dessert every year, this year’s Rakhi will be different. Tell him that you have quinoa kheer and he’s going to grab the bowl and finish it before you know. A healthy replacement of rice, quinoa is full of dietary fibre and Vitamin B. 

3.  Sweet Potato Halwa 

If there’s any celebration in an Indian home, you are bound to find halwa on the table. A thick pudding made with a variety of flours and lentils, this halwa has a healthier touch to it. Made with sweet potato or shakarkandi, the vegetable is boiled and mashed to be cooked along with ghee and cashews. Sweetened with grated jaggery, the halwa is a treat to the taste buds. 

4.  Nutty Dates Barfi 

Your brother might be running away from Indian sweets all this while because they would add up to his calories until you make him try this barfi recipe. To add to Rakhi celebrations, serve him a box of dates barfi that is filled with nuts like pistachios, cashews, almonds, walnuts and raisins. Mixed with desiccated coconut and sprinkled with sesame seeds, the barfi is sticky, chewy, sweet yet sugar-free. 

5.  Kesari Makhana Phirni 

Phirni is a popular Punjabi dessert that is common in several other parts of North India too. The creamier and thicker version of kheer, phirni is usually made with coarsely ground rice. This recipe pairs milk and saffron strands with makhana instead of rice. The phirni attains a beautiful yellow colour and is flavoured with cardamom powder and dried rose petals. This makes it an ideal dessert for Rakhi to treat your brother.