Whenever we have guests over, the first thing we do is offer them something to drink. With the festivities in full mode, you have to up your game too. We know you may have decided on the elaborate rakhi feast that you can’t wait to gorge on, once the rituals are over. Did you think of some drinks to pair up your plate with? Fret not, we thought so. From fruity lemonades to fancy mocktails, here are five chillers that are just the perfect company this summer for Rakhi. 

1. Guava Masala Punch 

The punch in your Rakhi is missing till you don’t have one in your glass. This sweet and spicy punch is made with lots of guavas (of course) with some mint sprigs for that freshness and aroma. Pop in some ice cubes and say cheers! 

2. Tart Cherry Ginger Cooler 

Tart cherries are known for their sourness. Squeeze some cherry juice along with a ginger ale base and your mocktail is ready. The first sip and you’ll be relieved of the summer heat instantly. 

3.  Aam Panna 

If rakhi is a close-knit affair for your family, you needn’t go all fancy. A basic concoction of homemade aam panna with an addition of some mangoes will totally seal the deal. Serve chilled and enjoy your rakhi in the comfort of your home. 

4. Blueberry Mojito 

Add colour to your festive celebrations with a glass of blueberry mojito. Sliced blueberries with a hint lime juice and mint leaves can be prepared in minutes and the taste has a balance sweetness. 

5.  Shahi Shikanji 

Looking for something milky and creamy? Your search ends here. This shahi shikanji made with hung curd and buttermilk is finished off with saffron and the aroma is so tantalizing. 

Let’s raise a toast to our love-hate relationship with our siblings, this Raksha Bandhan.