Make This Month Colourful With These Rainbow Recipes
Image Credit: Pixabay, From rainbow cake to rainbow pizza, all that you can make this pride month.

The most historic riots that paved the way and acted as a stepping stone in the direction of providing recognition to the LGBTQIA community were the Stonewall riots in the US in 1969. The issue of accepting a sub-culture that has been existent in the world for a long time now, gained prominence with people voicing their concerns and preferences more openly. As a way of institutionalizing the process, a rainbow flag was also put in place. The colours of the rainbow define the diversity and unity among the members of the LGBTQIA community, letting everyone take pride in their sexual preference. To commemorate this iconic month, what could be a better idea than rainbow-themed dishes? 

From cakes to tarts, pancakes to pizzas, you can add a touch of rainbow to almost any food on your plate. As a way of showing solidarity and encouraging people to come out of the closet, these rainbow-themed recipes will be perfect. Celebrated across the entire month of June each year, people around the world come out and participate in pride marches and parades to support the cause. In India too, a historic judgment took place when Section 377 was nullified and declared unconstitutional. 

To bring light, happiness and love to the lives of all and celebrate all kinds of sexual preferences, here are some thematic recipes that you can make this month. 

1.  Rainbow Cake 

Layered with multiple colours, from orange to green, blue, yellow, red and pink, the cake is interspersed with white cream, giving it a defining finish. While the cake is covered in whipped cream and a dash of colourful sprinklers, it is only when you cut it open that you can seen all the beautiful layers of the rainbow at once. 

2.  Rainbow Smoothie 

The best way to brighten up your day and breakfast is by trying this rainbow smoothie. Blend all the fruits like bananas, carrots, pineapple and blueberries separately. Take a handful of spinach and blend it too. After blending each of them with non-dairy milk, start by pouring one fruit puree after another according to the rainbow colours. Your smoothie will both look and taste colourful. 

3.  Rainbow Sandwich 

A quick and easy lunch that can be ready in a jiffy, this rainbow sandwich is filled with nutrition and colours. Grate some carrots and slide them on the bread. Add another slice of bread and top it with beetroot. Repeat the same with spinach. Once done, cover it with another slice and cut into two triangles. These colourful sandwiches, covered with cream cheese and butter, are a treat for the taste buds. 

4.  Rainbow Pizza 

If you take a closer look at pizza, you’ll realise that it is actually very colourful. Pick the right kinds of toppings and place them one below the other so that you have the perfection layers of a rainbow. Start with grape tomatoes, then orange bell peppers and some yellow bell peppers. Move on to green bell peppers, purple potatoes and some broccoli. Your cheesy pizza is ready. 

5.  Rainbow Pancakes 

The end result would look like a rainbow tower. All you need to do is add food colourings like red, yellow, blue, green etc. to the pancake batter in batches. Stack one coloured pancake on top of another colour and sandwich some chocolate sauce in between each. Your rainbow pancakes are ready.