Halo halo literally means ‘mix-mix’ in Tagaglog. With an exquisite mix of sweetened beans, fruit, ube ice cream and gelatin, once you see the halo halo, there is sure to be a glint in your eyes. Evaporated or condensed milk is used to give this cold dessert a creamy and acts as a binding force. Ube icecream is scooped in the centre of the cup to lend a vibrant purple effect to the dessert. This ice cream is prepared with purple yam to which it owes the beautiful colour. Fruits like coconut, sugar palm, lychee and jackfruit are often used along with the highlight of the show; shaved ice.  

This reminds us that shaved ice wasn’t known to the Filipinos for a long time until the Americans arrived and established the first ice plant in the country. Interestingly, this quintessential Filipino cold dessert actually borrows from the Japanese mitsumame and animitsu which are similar kinds of desserts (the latter uses green tea ice cream). 

         Source: Black Pinoy/Facebook

This layered dessert is totally ice cold and makes for a perfect company in Philippines’ tropical hot summer. Do you feel like indulging in it too? Here’s a quick way to make it.  

  • Take a tall dessert glass or cup.  
  • Start layering the sweetened beans, red, white and green.  
  • Add some shaved ice to it.  
  • Pour in some gelatin and fruits on the sides.  
  • Drop in a scoop of the ube ice cream. You could use some other ice cream if you like.  
  • Finish it with a drizzle of evaporated milk or condensed milk on top.