Have You Tried These 5 Popular Jaggery Recipes, Yet?
Image Credit: Popular Jaggery Recipes (shutterstock.com)

Do you like to eat jaggery after your meals? If not, you must do it as numerous health secrets are hidden in this sweet delight. Jaggery solves many of your stomach problems, making the digestive system strong and curing many diseases. The importance of jaggery is not only limited to health; it is also considered an essential part of festivals such as Makar Sankranti or Chhath Puja. However, when this traditional cane sugar is unique, why not try some famous recipes.

  • Jaggery Rasgulla: Jaggery Rasgulla is one of the most famous sweets of Bengal, known for its exceptional taste. In Bengal, jaggery syrup (made from dates and simple jaggery) is consumed more than sugar syrup. Soft rasgullas immersed in jaggery syrup will never let your tongue forget its taste. The speciality of date jaggery syrup is that in Bengal, it’s available only during the winter season. So, you can taste these rasgullas only in winter. Therefore, it is very beneficial in terms of taste and health.
  • Rice Jaggery Laddu: Rice jaggery laddu's unique sweet of the winter season has an unmatchable taste. Very little ghee is used in the preparation, so health and diet conscious people will find this laddu very tasty. These laddus are frequently made in my household in winters because they are easily digested, giving strength to our bodies. Jaggery, rice flour, sesame, grated dry coconut, ghee, cardamom and dry fruits are the main ingredients used while making this sweet.
  • Jaggery Pudding: Jaggery pudding/kheer is a traditional recipe in Rajasthan, UP and Bihar. Jaggery kheer is also known as ‘rasiya’ in Bihar and ‘raskheer’ in western UP. This kheer is a gift of Bengal and is also made from date, and jaggery, giving a different taste and aroma. Although jaggery kheer is available at many sweet shops, you can easily make it at home as it doesn't take much time or many ingredients to prepare.
  • Jaggery Paratha: Jaggery parathas are not only tasty but also very nutritious. Made by adding the almond powder to the jaggery stuffing, this paratha is nothing less than a boon for sweet lovers. Are you a fan of parathas and like to eat them daily? If so, you can include this jaggery parantha in your list because it's the best breakfast for you.
  • Jaggery Chikki: Gudd ki chikki is a delicious traditional sweet made of peanuts and jaggery, perfect for kids as a replacement for chocolates. Although it is available in the market, if you want, you can make it very quickly at home too. All you need is to make crisper chikkis once and keep eating them for the next two to three months.