PM Modi Mentions Popular Delhi University Eateries In Speech
Image Credit: Hindustan Times

Patel Chest, Kamala Nagar, Hudson Lane, Mukherjee Nagar, Chanakyapuri—mention these in front of current or ex-students from Delhi University, whether they study in North Campus or South Campus, and you will see a wave of food nostalgia come up on their faces immediately. In a recent speech, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only mentioned some of the most popular eateries located in these areas which DU students frequent, but also appreciated their taste for the foods on offer there. 

While addressing students at the Delhi University’s centenary celebrations in the nation’s capital, PM Modi gave a valedictory speech where he said that when an event like this brings past and present DU students together, they take time to engage in “evergreen discussions” about “Patel Chest ki Chai” and “Chanakyapuri’s momos”. PM Modi also mentioned that these famous eateries and their foods have helped keep Delhi University’s core values alive for 100 years. 

What’s more, PM Modi also asked DU students to stick to these values and make sure that their tastes remain unchanged. "Don't change everything completely. Leave some things like they are. The tea and noodles served at Patel Chest in North Campus, Momos of Chanakya in South Campus – you have to ensure that their taste should not change," he said.  

Hearing this reference to their favourite food joints in and around campus, the students in the audience cheered and clapped. For those who don’t know, these food joints are not only hangout spots for DU students, but also for plenty of Delhiites and tourists because they serve pocket-friendly and delicious food from not only North India, but all over the country and the world—including momos, burgers, sandwiches, dosas, idlis, bread pakora and more.