Top Delhi University Canteens You Must Try When In Town
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College life is one that is packed with different experiences. Besides a whole lot of lessons, it is packed with shenanigans with friends, classmates, teachers and more. And a major part of it is spent, not in the classroom but in the college canteen. And if you are, or have been from Delhi University (DU), you’ve really had some of the best canteens to not just chill but hog on some of the best foods one can find in the Capital. 

Speaking of DU, you cannot not mention the famous canteens from its colleges. Canteens are the heart of colleges, places where you not just sit and eat, but make thousands of unforgettable memories with your friends. Be it jamming the canteen with your gang, bunking the class and noshing upon your favourite snack, brainstorming on project ideas, nursing a friend’s heartbreak, or simply chatting away after classes, the canteen is like a second home. 

So, you definitely cannot miss out on some of the most amazing DU canteens while you are there. And to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a whole list of the most iconic dishes to try at some of these famous DU college canteens, so you don’t miss out on anything. 

1. St Stephen’s College

Whoever knows about DU, knows how sophistication can be another name for St Stephen’s College, and so its canteen cannot be basic. The canteen here is called Stephen’s Café, and it is a perfect blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. It is mostly popular for its Mince Cutlets, Scrambled Eggs and Toast, Dill Pickle Sandwiches and Chicken Curry Rice Dishes. 

2. Indraprastha College for Women

Oh how beautiful the campus of Indraprastha College for Women (IPCW) is! It’s an architectural marvel, a heritage building with blooming gardens, and its canteen is where deliciousness oozes out. Clean and hygienic, the canteen is known for its relish-worthy food including paneer Bread Pakoras, Macaroni, Chowmein, and Cheese Maggi. The canteen also offers packaged food for health enthusiasts, besides plenty of fresh fruit juices and rich coffee. And if you are in the mood for some street food, right outside the gates of IPCW is a Bun Tikki stall that has been there for decades, and offers lip-smacking bun tikki, chole kulche and banta! 

3. Hindu College

Pocket-friendly with a wide variety of food to fill up on, the Hindu College canteen is well-known for its Samosa, Parathas, Shahi Paneer and Rajma Chawal. And for those of you with a sweet tooth, the ice cream shakes are just what you need.  

4. Lady Shri Ram College For Women 

Lady Shri Ram College For Women (LSR) is known for serving a variety of cuisines in its canteen, and that is what makes it stand out. Ranging from Mutton Dosas, Pizzas, and Hot Dogs to cheese Macaroni and Vada Pav, who will miss going to college with that much on the menu? The Lemon Rice and Tomato Rice served here with their signature chutney and sambar is worth drooling over. 

5. Ramjas College

You won’t find a canteen in a college spread across three floors, except at Ramjas College. Popular for its Rajma Chawal, Kadhi Chawal, Chole Chawal and Chole Bhature, this canteen also boasts a variety of Indian snacks, out of which the piping hot Samosas are an absolute crowd-pleaser.  

6. Miranda House 

Whether it’s Pam Aunty’s Red Sauce Pasta or their most scrumptious combo of dosa and sandwich with paneer, called the Paneer Dosawich, Miranda House definitely offers something that you won’t find anywhere else.  

7. Shri Ram College For Commerce 

As much as the cut off marks surprises us every year, Shri Ram College For Commerce (SRCC’s) canteen menu is also one to impress. A spacious canteen with a number of different cuisines, including a continental breakfast, Hot Dogs and Egg Sandwiches, SRCC is a must to try when in DU. 

8. Kamla Nehru College 

Isn’t a mix of Dosas, Chicken Patties, Chole Bhature, Rajma Chawal, Egg Rolls and a variety of Milkshakes, all a college-goer drools over? If yes,  the canteen of Kamla Nehru College (KNC) is exactly the place to be. And if that’s not enough, refuel at the Nescafé counter, which serves hot coffee, tea and hot chocolate along with brownies and muffins. Oh, and not to forget they also offer Delhi’s most favourite street food - juicy momos and Honey Chilli Potatoes. 

9. Delhi School of Economics

Delhi School of Economics (or the D-school as we all lovingly call it) has been a favourite among students for the longest time. And it has good reasons - Mutton Dosa, Mutton Cutlet, Masala Coke or Egg Curry, there is something for everyone here. 

10. Hansraj College

The hot and crispy spring rolls at Hansraj College, and the usual delicious South Indian meals that the canteen whips up have the students spending their time at the canteen more and more. The delicious noodles and cold coffee served at the Nescafé stall simply add up to the food mood at the college.  

11. Kirorimal College 

A canteen that is as big as a hall, Kirorimal College’s canteen is perfect for gathering your entire gang. And if you haven’t yet tried their appetising Chole Bhature and the delightful Chinese Samosa, you’ve definitely missed out on something. 

12. Sri Venkateswara College

A strictly vegetarian canteen, the ‘Venky’ canteen is popular for its south Indian spread for sure which includes Dosa Sambar and Idli Vada. But the Aloo Tikkis, Maggi, and Samosas are also worth trying. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.