Viral: Chowmein Gol Gappa Is The Latest Bizarre Invention To Leave The Internet Cringing
Image Credit: Image: Screengrab from Instagram Reel by RJ Rohan

Indian street food has a number of delicious offerings that can impress foodies. No matter which part of the country you are in, you'll come across plenty of street-style delicacies that will make you slurp. Golgappa, for instance, is one street food that is loved by all. Tangy and spicy golgappa is known by different names in different regions and comes in countless varieties. And while the traditional recipe stays the one with tantalising water packed with spices, aloo and chana, the new experiments with the loved street food doesn’t seem to end. Be it the one with chocolate, fanta or maggi, golgappa has seen it all. Now in a viral video, one particular golgappa dish made with a chowmein topping has amused netizens. Yes, you read that right. 

Shared on Instagram by radio jockey and vlogger Rohan, on his official handle @radiokarohan, the Reels shows the golgappa vendor preparing the dish in the usual style - filing it with chopped aloo and imly chutney. Post this, comes the bizarre spin wherein he tops it with a layer of chowmein on the humble golgappa. It is then further topped with more of imly chutney, curd, candied fruits, and even grated coconut followed by chopped coriander. That wasn't all - the golgappe were served with two spicy chutneys alongside. The bizarre chowmein golgappe is sold in Lucknow. Take a look at the video:

 "Chef Kandi Chowmein Golgappa," read the caption to the post. The video has already received over 58k views and more than 2.2k likes. The comments section too was filled with disappointment from golgappa and chowmein lovers, both, as the dishes are extremely popular in India. But the fusion, didn’t go down too well amongst netizens. While several questioned why the dish was created in the first place, some were full of sarcasm as one of the comments said “paan bana rahe ho kya? (are you preparing a paan?)” 

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