Sudama Ki Chai To Tom Uncle Maggi Point: Your Guide To Eateries Around Delhi University’s North Campus
Image Credit: Pexels. India Gate.

The time one spends on the Delhi University (DU) campus goes on to become the best part of one’s life. From jamming in the canteen while sharing a hot plate of momos with your squad to chipping in money so that your girl gang can enjoy dinner at a posh restaurant in Kamla Nagar market, college life is rampant with fun. Having fun on coffee dates at Hudson Lane cafés, trying out different food kiosks at fests, and going on a canteen-hopping spree with friends - the life of a foodie at DU is anything but boring. If you’re stoked about college life and are looking out to explore the eateries in and around the university, look no further. Here are some hang out zones that you shouldn’t miss checking out, while living the offline campus life!

Dolma Aunty Momos

Momos is synonymous with Dolma Aunty for the students of North Campus colleges in Delhi. From a tempting hot plate of chicken momos to paneer and veg momos - there’s something available for everybody here. The joint often runs out of momos by the evening, as students from all colleges visit K-Nags, especially to gorge on Dolma Aunty’s momos. The red chutney that accompanies the momos is a favourite amongst students. 

Sudama Ki Chai

If chai pe charcha had a home, it would be at Sudama ki Chai. The tea stall that is located near Kamla Nagar market also sells rusks and biscuits along with tea. Students are usually seen gathering around the tea stall and debating various issues of college life. Whether it’s the scorching heat of summers or the pleasant breeze of winters, this tea stall attracts a number of foodies who are often looking to spend time with each other, over a cup of hot chai!

Also known as the Gwyer Hall Canteen, Pandit Ji’s Canteen is just the place to enjoy a yummy plate of bread omelette and ginger lemon tea. Assorted parathas and different versions of Maggi noodles are also on the budget friendly menu. This canteen is usually swamped with residents of Gwyer Hall, who hop out of their hostels to grab a bite of samosa and bread pakoda, often ditching their hostel’s canteen food and hanging out at Pandit Ji’s canteen. 

College Canteens

Gone are the days when students used to go pub hopping. The new ‘in’ thing is checking out the food of various colleges in your campus while going canteen hopping with your friends. Don’t forget to check out the canteens of Hansraj college (to grab a cup of mango milkshake), St Stephen’s college (to enjoy mince cutlet, croissant, scrambled eggs and toast) and Shri Ram College of Commerce (to eat a plate of delicious Chole Bhature) on your way through the campus.

Calling out to every foodie who loves to eat authentic Himalayan cuisine! Majnu ka Tilla which is also called MT by students, is full of cafés that specialise in serving Himalayan and Tibetan cuisine. From Tingmos to Thupkas, you can relish a variety of dishes in the cafés at Majnu ka Tilla on a student friendly budget. Ama Café is the most famous hang out zone at MT. Do not miss out on visiting the bustling tea stalls around the monastery in Majnu Ka Tilla, in the evening for a quick bite.

Tom Uncle Maggi Point 

If you love to eat Maggie noodles, Tom Uncle Maggi Point should definitely make it to your top list of hang out zones. With more than over 50 varieties of Maggi noodles, this outlet has attracted many students who often grab a quick bite of spicy noodles in between their class breaks. The Schezuan Maggi and Kurkure Momos is one of the bestselling dishes at this food stall.

If you like to spend your time reading a book and sipping a cold brew, Hudson Lane is the place for you. Jam packed with cafés, Hudson Lane is usually where all the foodies gather around to eat pizzas, nachos and fries while partying with their friends. The cafés also offer student discounts and are a good place to unwind and chill. Many students can be found singing and jamming on a Friday evening in Hudson Lane.