Dhokla To Khichdi, PM Narendra Modi’s 10 Favourite Indian Dishes

You may know him for his constant support of Yoga as one of the healthiest lifestyle habits and for his straight talk while addressing the public, but did you know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves his food? Born on September 17, 1950, the former Gujarat Chief Minister is as fond of food as people from his home state are. It is quite well known that PM Narendra Modi is a vegetarian, like the majority of Gujaratis. His further focus on healthy living and mindfulness might have you believing that PM Narendra Modi is only a healthy eater. 

And yet, on multiple occasions in India and abroad, PM Narendra Modi has proved that he loves to indulge in fried foods like Jalebis and even those decadent sweet-sour-spicy Chaats that we all love. This was proved by PM Narendra Modi’s recent Australia visit, especially with his speech at Qudos Arena in Sydney. He not only appreciated the Indian diaspora in Sydney but also highlighted chaat and jalebi vendors in the city’s Harris Park area. On a previous visit to the same country, ex-Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison actually tried his hand at making Khichdi and Samosas from scratch as a special treat for PM Narendra Modi! 

So, it is quite clear that PM Narendra Modi loves a variety of Indian vegetarian main course dishes and snacks. Because he is into mindful eating and a healthy lifestyle, PM Narendra Modi’s favourite foods in fact showcase what a healthy Indian vegetarian diet looks like. Wondering what his favourite dishes are and which ones to include in your own diet? Here are PM Narendra Modi’s favourite foods. 


This Gujarati snack is usually made in two versions, one called Khaman Dhokla, which is made with gram flour, and the other made with semolina or rawa. It is quite well-known that PM Narendra Modi loves indulging in this dish, especially in its sour version. Made with protein-packed gram flour, curd and steamed, this one is definitely a healthy snack you should try. 

Veg Thali

Did you know that PM Narendra Modi was a regular at the highly subsidized canteen at the Parliament? As a minister, PM Narendra Modi was one of the first people to regularly indulge in the cheap yet very nutritious Veg Thali available here, which consisted of portions of veg curry, a dry sabji, a dal, roti, rice and salad. With the New Parliament building now ready, we wonder what the Veg Thali here would look like and if PM Narendra Modi will enjoy it. 

Fruit Salad

Also known as a fruit chaat in India, a fruit salad is a medley of seasonal fresh fruits that are chopped and served with a sprinkling of chaat masala. It is quite obvious that someone like PM Narendra Modi, a mindful eater who focuses on India’s seasonal produce and healthy eating, would love the simplicity, flavours and benefits of a dish like this. 


This simple Indian soul food is a favourite for many, and PM Narendra Modi is no exception. In fact, PM Narendra Modi has always expressed his love for Gujarati Khichdi, which is made with moong dal and short-grain rice. Because he also loves his millets, it is quite likely that PM Narendra Modi also savours the taste of Bajra and millets khichdi dishes. 


Why just PM Narendra Modi? Ask any Gujarati what their favourite sweet treat is and the name of Srikhand is bound to come up. Made with hung curd, flavoured with cardamom, and loaded with the flavours of fruits like mangoes or dry fruits like cashew and raisins, Srikhand is one of PM Narendra Modi’s all-time favourites. 

Sev Tameta 

During the BJP office-bearer's meeting in January 2023, the entire menu for the event featured some of PM Narendra Modi’s favourites, and this simple tomato and sev curry was among them. Sev Tameta is a simple, mildly spiced curry from Gujarat which highlights the flavours of tomatoes. Sev or gram flour sticks are served on top of the dish for crunch, also making Sev Tameta a wholesome dish to eat. 

Marwari Pulao 

Pulaos are always packed with plenty of nutritious ingredients, and Marwari Pulao—one of PM Narendra Modi’s favourites, is no exception. Hailing from the Jodhpur region, this Marwari pulao is made extra special with the addition of hung curd, cashews, pomegranate kernels, etc. Served with a side of raita, this one is a complete meal in itself. 

Rawa Masala Dosa

Who doesn’t like Rawa Masala Dosa served with a simple potato curry, sambhar and coconut chutney? This South Indian staple is one of PM Narendra Modi’s favourites, probably because it personifies nutrition and taste on the same plate like no other Indian dish.  

Ajwain Chapati

Carom seeds or ajwain are known for their digestive and cooling properties, so it is no wonder that PM Narendra Modi loves to eat chapatis or rotis which feature this Indian superfood. Carom seeds are usually added to the dough made of whole wheat flour, which are then rolled out and cooked over a stove before being served with curries and dals. 

Bhindi Kadhi

Another Gujarati staple from his home state, Bhindi Kadhi is reputed to be one of PM Narendra Modi’s favourite dishes. Gujarati kadhi, which is usually slightly sweet and made without any turmeric, is made even more special when fried okras or bhindis are added to them. This simple Bhindi Kadhi is usually eaten with rice during summers.