Chaat & Jalebi, PM Modi Praises These Outlets In Australia
Image Credit: PM Modi talked about the popularity of chaat and jalebi at Harris Park, Sydney

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while speaking to the Indian diaspora in at Qudos Arena in Sydney, touched upon a lot of issues, connections and things that form a bond between India and Australia. Among other things like cricket and yoga, food also became a part of Narendra Modi’s speech. He mentioned about the popularity of two of the most popular street foods of India, namely jalebi and chaat, in Australia

While addressing the very enthusiastic crowd, which had come to listen to Modi, he specifically mentioned how the cultures of India and Australia might be different, but we have found our common grounds and interests. He was very appreciative of the lively Indian diaspora at Sydney and talked about Indian food that is available at Harris Park. He talked about the very famous chaat from chatkazz and delicious jalebi made at Jaipur sweets. Along with that, PM Modi requested the crowd to take Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to these shops and let him get the taste of Indian food too. 

It is important to know that Jaipur Sweets is one of the most famous Indian restaurants in Sydney. This pure vegetarian establishment has a huge variety of authentic Indian food and sweets. While the main specialty of the place is definitely the sheer varieties of sweets that you can get here, they also sell everything Indian – from dosa to curries to dal-bati and scrumptious thalis. Chatkazz on the other hand specializes in street food and gets the taste right every single time! Both of these places are extremely popular among Indians in Australia as well as the local population there. 

Other than these particular eateries, PM Modi also applauded the show MasterChef for forming a connection between both countries and bringing people together. What we can definitely conclude from his speech is the fact that food is a huge point to bond and that beyond our lunch tables, there are discussions over food which can bring people from two countries together. The soft power of food has yet again been established on the world stage.