Best Curries To Try From The Cuisine Of Kerala
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Indian cuisine is well-known to the world and its credit goes to the rich and delicious flavours of different parts of the country. Every state has its own unique identity that makes it stand out from others. Each region has a signature dish that can awaken your taste buds such misal pav of Maharashtra, rogan josh of Kashmir and pongal from Tamil Nadu.     

Just like other states, God’s Own Country; Kerala also has a list of delicious delicacies that can steal your heart. Puttu, Malabar parotta and banana fritters are some of the famous foods of the state. But the curries of Kerala have a separate fanbase. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries have a mix of rich and delicious taste that gives a burst of flavours. 

Here are the six best authentic curries from Kerala you must try: 

Kerala Parippu Curry 

Parippu curry is basically a moong lentil dish that is tempered in South Indian style with a good amount of coconut and other spices. It is a popular delicacy that features in the festive feast called Sadya, during the celebration of Onam. This soulful and comforting dish is best served with steamed rice. 

Kadala Curry

The word kadala in Malayali means chickpeas. This simple yet delicious curry is made with black chickpeas simmered with onions, ground spices, coconut milk and curry leaves. Kadala curry is tempered along with mustard seeds that give it an aromatic punch. It goes well with puttu, appam, rice as well as idiyappam. 

Kerala Aloo Curry 

This curry is not like your regular potato curry. It is a mix of spicy and sweet flavours together in one bowl. The potato is simmered in coconut milk-based gravy that is mildly spiced. You can make this simple dish in no time, and it can be served with any roti, paratha or rice.  

Malabar Chicken Curry 

This aromatic and delectable chicken curry belongs to the Malabar region of Kerala. It is creamy, delicious and goes well with roti, appam, rice, parotta and pathiri. Malabar chicken curry gets its distinct taste from the use of curry leaves, spices, coconut paste and coconut oil. It can be perfect for a wholesome family dinner. 

Kerala Fish Curry 

If you are a seafood lover, then Kerala fish curry is definitely a must-try for you. This dish combines tender and flaky fish with a rich and fiery sauce. It is a delicious amalgamation of earthy and hot spices along with creamy coconut milk. You can pair it with steamed rice for lunch as well as dinner. 

Kerala Prawn Curry 

Also known as chemmeen curry, this delicious shrimp dish is perfect for a wholesome meal. Made with or without coconut, the prawns are cooked in a tomato onion-based curry. The best thing about this dish is it can be prepared in less than half an hour. It can be relished with dosa, appam, parotta as well as rice.  

Make these recipes and explore the delectable flavour of Kerala.