Parineeti Chopra Finds ‘The Best Sushi In The World’
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Parineeti Chopra’s love for food is no secret. The actor, besides being an avid traveller, loves to explore new cuisines and tease her palate, and it clearly shows in her social media stories. Be it her lazy, yet elaborate lunch in the UK, an Indian grub on day off or a pizza break right before the red carpet, Parineeti never leaves a chance to indulge in good food, and also to showcase it to her fans and followers. She is a bonafide foodie and there's no way we can doubt her. And just recently, she discovered the world’s best sushi, and decided to let her fans know. 

Parineeti, who is the latest celebrity to join the Maldives club, is currently holidaying at the island country, and took to Instagram to share a picture of her latest grub. The picture had an array of different types of sushi – some were adorned with cucumber or radish on top, while the others came with tempura crunch or fish roe. However, each of them looked absolutely delicious. No wonder Parineeti found them to be “The BESTT sushi in the world”, as she wrote on the picture, while crediting Fairmont Maldives for the same. Take a look at the picture she shared: 

 The sushi platter sure looks every bit delicious, doesn't it? For the unversed, sushi is one of those Japanese delicacies that has found an immense fan following across the world, even in India. Sushi features specially prepared rice with fish or seafood, often raw, but sometimes cooked. Did you know the word ‘sushi’ refers to the sour flavour of vinegared rice? This is because rice is the most important ingredient in the Japanese dish, contrary to the popular notion that it is raw fish.  

A delicacy that is more than 2,000 years old, sushi was invented initially as a method of preserving fish in the absence of refrigeration. By keeping raw fish folded in rice, its freshness could be preserved for over months. And this was the main purpose of inventing sushi back in the 2nd Century AD. Interesting, isn’t it? However, today, it proudly represents Japanese cuisine to a number of foodies all over the world.  

And if Parineeti has got you craving some sushi, we’ve got some recipes right here that you can try at home. But before trying the recipes, make sure you equip yourself with some tips to nail the art of making sushi. Read more about it here.