International Sushi Day: 3 Tips To Nail The Art Of Making Sushi
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Sushi is one Japanese delicacy that has found immense fan following in India today. Sushi is more than 2000-year-old Japanese delicacy that possibly began as a method of preserving fish. Today, it proudly represents Japanese cuisine to a number of foodies all over the world. I know many people who would go to a Japanese restaurant only to eat sushi, because they don’t know more about the cuisine beyond that. I was one of those too, but thanks to the exploration I’ve had in the recent years, I know a little more but I keep digging. If you watch a chef make sushi today, you won’t call it less than an art. While watching a YouTube video once on how sushi is made, I heard a Japanese chef saying how a good sushi is the one that has a harmonious union between the rice and the fish. And this is all I can remember every time I have one.  

People tend to get overwhelmed at times with all the exquisite ingredients of sushi, after all eating sushi itself is a unique experience. Sushi rice, vinegar, soy sauce or nori, while each ingredient is equally important in making sushi, there are still certain tips and tricks that can come in handy.

Did you know you can make sushi at home, that too rather easily. Don't worry, we’ve got your back. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind while making sushi at home.

1. Sushi Rice

Make sure you have a bowl of water right next to you when dealing with sushi rice since it is quite sticky. Try and use the rice that has short grain, it is starchy and absorbent, which makes it sticky. Wash it until the water runs clear, and then drain it while scrunching it gently at least about 30 times so it is polished well.  Cooking the rice is only part which takes time in sushi, and you can use a rice cooker to save time

2. The Equipment

Sushi making can be hassle-free with the right equipment- sushi-grade knives, fish knives, rice rolling mat and a rice cooker. All these equipment can help speed up things.

3. Cutting The Roll

When you get to cutting the roll, dip the knife’s tip in some water. This makes it easier to cut and ensure a clean cut without crushing the roll. While rolling maintain some space between the top of the nori sheet and the rice.