Padma Lakshmi Visits Her Favourite Spot In Notting Hill
Image Credit: Padma Lakshmi/Instagram, She takes a trip down memory lane.

Incorporating food in everything she does, Padma Lakshmi is one celebrity who knows what she eats. Right from being the author of cookbooks to hosting a cookery show, and making her own quick and healthy recipes, Padma likes to cook and eat too. Moreover, she also likes exploring good food places, as she recently gave us a virtual tour of her favourite eating spot in London.

The multi-talented woman is currently in the UK and she posted a reel, giving us a tour of Notting Hill. She walked through the streets talking about how long it’s been since she first went there. She took us through the Portobello Road and also showed us some wellness stores that used to be her go-to place earlier.

Finally, she takes us to this patisserie, called Ottolenghi. This place looks fabulous from the outside with several sweetmeats peeping from the glass windows. As she enters, we see heaps of croissants stacked one on top of another. There are chocolate croissants, the ones with butter and plain ones and almond ones too. Then we see some danish pastries, flaky rolls and chocolate muffins at the end.


Through the video, one can literally spell the freshly-baked goods and this tempts us even more. While this is one of the few days that she has shared an old memory from the UK, it has often been the case that Padma picks up an old recipe from her Indian kitchen and revives it for her followers by making it at home. Some time back, it was an imli and dates chutney that made her nostalgic.

Before that, she was spotted with a jar of nimbu achaar which she made based on her grandmother’s recipe. She even shares fun eating videos at times like when she tried pani puri mukbang with her daughter. It was hilarious and adorable at the same time.