If you have been following us on the recent celeb food stories, you must have known about Padma Lakshmi. The Indian-American writer often takes to her Instagram handle to share her food stories and secrets and has foodies hooked on them. Be it easy chutney recipes, funny food videos or food memes, she often keeps food lovers engaged on her Instagram profile. Her recent healthy chipotle coleslaw and pani puri mukbang are just too good to miss. Take a look at them here.

On her social media handle, she also recently responded to a tweet. A user had posted a question, asking her, “What’s the easiest meal I can make for dinner if I’m staying in an Airbnb and I don’t want to buy a ton of spices and stuff and also I’m sad and also I have no appetite.” To this, Padma had a genius reply. Take a look:

Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables to add to your meal. One of the easiest dishes to make with potatoes is baked potatoes. The simple yet delicious dish has a velvety texture and delicious flavours. Made with minimal ingredients and efforts, baked potatoes are the go-to comfort food for many. While her answer to the question was baked potatoes, Padma also shared a detailed recipe for the same. As you swipe through the post, you will find her easy recipe to make baked potatoes in a jiffy. Apart from the easy recipe, what grabbed the attention of foodies the most is the hack to bake potatoes in a microwave instead of an oven.

She uploaded the recipe on Instagram with the caption, “An ode to the microwaved baked potato 🥔🤌🏾” and the post has garnered comments from foodies across the world. Take a look at them:

“How my love affair for the potato began. A microwave. A fork. A stab of butter. S&P. A feast.”

“Potatoes get such a bad wrap. They are delicious and soothing for healing!! I love me some steamed potatoes with broccoli and vegan cheese sauce 😍🔥🙌”

“Yes, so much yes. I hadn’t thought to use hot sauce but i do exactly that plus dried chives and/or garlic powder smashed in 🤷🏻‍♀️”

Will you try this recipe for baked potatoes? Do let us know.