Padma Lakshmi’s BLT Sandwich Recipe Shows Her Love For Tomatoes
Image Credit: Padma Lakshmi/Instagram, She makes her classic BLT sandwich this summer.

It is quite common to associate certain foods with certain times of the year. Just like mangoes are a popular summer fruit, tomatoes make it to the list of Padma Laksmi’s summertime favourites too. The popular cookery show host and actor is well-known for her stints in the kitchen. Since it is the season of tomatoes in New York at this time of the year, Padma Laksmi heads to the kitchen to make her BLT sandwich. 

The Indian-American writer recently shared a quick and easy BLT sandwich recipe on her Instagram feed. For the unversed, BLT stands for bacon, lettuce and tomato and this combination is usually used to make a delicious sandwich. The classic recipe is super easy to make and a perfect lunch hack when you’re in a hurry. Talking at length about the benefits of tomatoes as well as her love for this red fruit in the post caption, Padma shares the detailed recipe in her video. 

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If you want to try the BLT sandwich too, here’s the recipe. 

BLT Sandwich 


    3 sliced tomatoes 

    4 bacon strips 

    1 fresh lettuce 

    4 slices of bread





1.    Firstly, the strips of bacon are tossed on a pan. She uses the dosa pan for making bacon crispy. 

2.    The bacon can be cooked in an oven or microwave too. While the bacon is being cooked, the soft-ball tomatoes are sliced and seasoned with salt and pepper. 

3.    Once the bacon is crispy, it is coated with a mixture of mustard and honey.

4.    Then, the bread is toasted and slathered with mayonnaise. Some of the honey and mustard sauce is spread on this. 

5.    The fresh tomatoes and lettuce are placed on both the slices which are topped with bacon finally. 

6.    The sandwich is finished off with two more slices of bread on top of these.