No-Bread Breakfast: Healthy Alternatives That Can Spruce Up Your Morning
Image Credit: Pixabay, Ditch the regular bread for these lettuce wraps and more.

Quick to make and readily available, bread is one of the most commonly-eaten breakfast items around the world. The morning rush and urgency to get to work on time is a real challenge on most days and amidst all this, cooking up a lavish breakfast is just impossible. So what do we do? Grab that packet of bread and toast it up. Slather it with some butter and Voila! Breakfast on the go is ready. In Hindi, the packaged bread or loaf of bread that we eat is known as double roti (roti referring to the Indian flatbread). Bread can be made into a sandwich too, simply by layering some sliced tomatoes and cucumbers on it. 

However, how much of this bread that we eat is actually healthy? There are numerous varieties, ranging from white to brown and multi-grain breads that are available at the stores and we just pick the one we think sounds healthy. Little do we know that the brown bread we’re eating is nothing but just brown in colour without any change in the composition as such. Yet we stick to bread because we find nowhere else to go. Now, you can try some healthy alternatives to bread and spruce up your mornings. 

Here are some recipes that you should definitely try for breakfast. 

1.  Whole Wheat Crackers 

Crunchy and crispy, these crackers won’t make you miss your toasted bread at all. Made with whole wheat flour, they are definitely healthier and filling too. To enhance the taste of these crackers, you can slather them with some peanut butter and enjoy the additional crunchiness along with slight creaminess on the cracker. They are quite wholesome. 

2.  Grilled Italian Spiced Omlette 

Since grilling doesn’t require a lot of oil or cooking, a grilled omlette is definitely a good idea. The eggs are tossed in with milk and some Italian herbs and spices. Cook this on a pan while grilling up vegetables on the grill. Spring onions, carrots, tomatoes, peas, broccoli and baby corn can be grilled to perfection and filled in the omlette. Let all of this cook together for a few seconds and serve. 

3.  Healthy Lettuce Wraps 

Who said only tortilla can make wraps? Take the large lettuce leaves and immerse them in water while you prepare the filling. Mix some chopped tomatoes, boiled chickpeas and quinoa together. Spice it up with salt, chilli flakes, green mint chutney and more. Combine it well and fill the lettuce leaves with it. Roll it up and eat it on the go. 

4.  Fruit Smoothie 

You cannot beat a fresh smoothie in summers for breakfast. Churn all your fruits like strawberries, bananas, kiwi, blueberries and more along with yoghurt and some pineapple juice. Pop in some ice cubes and your chilled smoothie is ready. 

5.  Sprouts Salad 

Sprout your green gram lentils a few days in advance. Once you see the shoots, toss them in a pan with chopped carrots, beans, onions, coriander and spices like salt and red chilli powder. Sprinkle some lemon juice and it will taste really tangy.