New Year 2023: 5 Healthy Indian Dishes For New Year Resolution

Just three more days to the beginning of next year. Recently we celebrated Christmas and had a lot of fun. From varieties of dessert to boozy drinks, the festival was full of delectable delicacies and drinks that satiated our soul along with the taste buds. New Year brings a lot of joy combined with new challenges and eating healthy is one of those tough resolutions that we take every year but fail to accomplish. 

The main reason of not being able to follow healthy diet is we try to avoid the Indian flavours thinking they are dense in unhealthy carbs and fats. At the end we are tired of eating healthy and we dive into the pool of junk food. Most of us think Indian cuisine has many spices and flavours which makes it unfavourable for weight-loss or any other diet. But there are numerous Indian recipes with very low calories that can be included in your healthy diet. These recipes are packed with delicious taste and flavours but perfectly fits into your New Year resolution of eating healthy. 

Here are five Indian dishes you can enjoy without any guilt: 

1. Dhokla 

This snack cum breakfast is a gift of Gujarati cuisine. Made with gram flour and semolina, this savoury cake can be paired with any kind of chutney. They are spongy and fluffy in texture which melts in the mouth. Made with very little oil, dhokla is seasoned with curry leaves, coconut and sesame seeds. As it is steamed and not fried you can savour them without any guilt.  

2. Palak Paneer 

This world-famous dish is packed with several nutrients like fibre, vitamin A and antioxidants. Made with cottage cheese chunks doused in luscious gravy of spinach, palak paneer can be savoured with rice as well as roti. It is also very easy to prepare and goes well for lunch as well as dinner. 

3. Moong Dal Cheela 

Cheela is a popular breakfast in India that is usually made with gram flour. This pancake is very easy to make and can be packed in lunch box as well. This variation of cheela is made with moong dal that keeps your stomach full for a longer period. Moong dal is rich in protein and fibre and has a low glycemic index which helps in regulating blood sugar. 

4. Chickpea Curry 

We all love chhole-bature, this pair can satisfy all our cravings and hunger but not good for weight-loss or healthy diet. But what if, we say you can still have chhole and you just have to replace bhature with any healthy flatbread? Yes, chickpea curry is very nutritious, just keep a check on the spices you are adding. Made with creamy coconut milk and aromatic spices, this curry is also fit for vegan and gluten-free diet. 

5. Khichdi 

Made with rice and lentils, khichdi has numerous variations. It is also one of the first solid food that babies in India are fed with. Either you are sick or in a hurry, this one pot meal is a life-savour. It can also be made with varieties of veggies and spices to make it more flavourful. This comforting dish has all essential nutrients and is also easy to digest. 

Not only these, there are many dishes in Indian cuisine that can be added to your healthy diet by just a little variation in the ingredients. So, there is no need to skip flavours for following a healthy diet. Make these recipes and have a healthy and prosperous New Year.