Hangover After New Year Parties? Try These Foods
Image Credit: Many fruits are great hangover cures | Unsplash

New year parties are beginning to be organized and everyone has wild plans to see off this year and begin the next one on a great note. Music, food, drinks, great company and a lot of excitement - this is what most people look forward to when planning a grand new year party. But along with crazy partying, comes crazy hangovers the very next day! And while there are no magical cures for splitting headaches caused by hangovers, here are some food items that you can eat to get some relief.

Let us first begin with fruits that need no preparation at all and you can just eat them the morning when you experience hangover symptoms.


This fruit is rich in potassium and that helps replenish the body’s store of the mineral. Alcohol tends to dehydrate he body and eating a banana helps in that situation. 


Due to the anti-inflammatory properties that blueberries have; they are very useful when having a terrible hangover.


Eating oranges gives you the vitamin C you need to keep glutathione levels stable and reduce any sort of hangover symptoms that you may be having.


Again, a fruit that will definitely help get rid of all the dehydration from over consuming alcohol. It also increases blood flow and decreases headache, the most prominent symptom of hangover.

Now that we have seen the fruits that you can instantly have to pacify the symptoms of hangovers, let us take a look at meals and cooked food items that you can eat to feel better.

Chicken Noodle Soup

A warm, comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup is always great, but when having severe hangover symptoms like nausea and headache, this dish works like magic. Let us look at the recipe for this dish.


The morning after drinking and partying should definitely begin on a healthy note and what better than a wholesome bowl of oatmeal? It helps treat hangover symptoms by slowly releasing sugar into the bloodstream and fights fatigue. Here is a nice oatmeal recipe for you.

 Cheese Sandwich

Everyone knows that the ultimate cure for hangovers is carbs an what better than getting that from bread? A cheese sandwich is one of the easiest, yet most effective meal that you can have to help with your hangover. Try this simple recipe below.

 Try these foods after your crazy new year parties. But remember, it is always great to drink in moderation to not just enjoy the night fully but also stay fresh the next day! Drink responsibly everyone!