Navratri 2022: 5 Power-Packed Snacks For Those Dandiya Nights
Image Credit: Navratri special food.

The joy of celebrating a festival with your friends and family is unmatched. Right from the decorations and preparations each day to the long nights of festivities during Navratri, there is hardly any time to sit back and relax. Garba and dandiya are two of the main highlights of this Hindu festival, apart from the food, of course.

However, one might get exhausted to the core after dancing to the popular tunes all night long and may go in search of some snacking options. If you’re planning to host or go for a dandiya night, keep a lookout for these snacks as they would surely amp up your energy levels while satiating you for another round of grooving. A mix of traditional regional snacks and vrat-friendly items, these recipes are packed with power and taste.

1.  Khandvi  

A popular Gujarati snack that is best eaten at tea time, khandvi is a soft and melt-in-your-mouth dish that can really charge you up. Although it is usually bite-sized, the khandvi comes packed with the goodness of gram flour and buttermilk. Rolled up and cut out into small cylindrical shapes, they are tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

2.   Drumstick Soup

Soups are instant energy boosters. Ditch the preservative-filled packet soups for a freshly-made drumstick concoction at home. Made with the goodness of moringa, onion and garlic, this soup is a nutritious treat that can be sipped on during the night after a tiring session of dandiya. It can surely strengthen your muscles and make your bones stronger. 

3.   Farali Pattice

The vrat-friendly cousin of the popular aloo tikki, farali pattice is made with all the fasting ingredients of Navratri. Mashed potatoes are paired with a grated coconut and chopped dry fruit filling, which lends it a rich taste and texture. The pattice is then deep-fried and served hot with a chutney. This is also a Gujarati favourite snack.

4.  Stuffed Moong Dal Dosa

While dosa is a South Indian treat, this one is a power-packed snacking and dinner item that can keep you satiated for long. The batter for the dosa is made with moong dal and the dosa is then stuffed with a delicious paneer filling. Mashed paneer is tossed in spices and wrapped in a dosa, making it a great dose of protein right after a bout of dandiya. Serve with coconut and tomato chutney.

5.  Biranj

While this Gujarati treat classifies more as a dessert than a snack, the heavenly sweet taste of biranj makes it a perfect post-dandiya meal. The rice is sweetened with jaggery and tossed in oodles of ghee to add richness to the flavour. Topped with chopped dry fruits, you’ll find every bite dripping with deep and intense sweet flavours. This will definitely help to cleanse the taste buds after a hearty dance.