Navratri 2022: 5 Energy-Boosting Drinks For Your Fasting Days
Image Credit: These beverages will help you keep up the spirit of Navratri.

Each day of Navratri is devoted to a goddess. The significance of these nine days also reflects in the food that is eaten during this time. Those fasting now are expected to abstain from eating non-vegetarian food as well as certain ingredients like garlic and onions. Since there are certain rules of what to eat and what not to eat, it becomes imperative to maintain energy throughout the day.

In such a scenario, the best way to keep up the energy levels is by staying hydrated and drinking loads of liquids. While water is essential, the body also requires other nutrients to be replenished. This can be fulfilled by including healthy and energy-boosting drinks in your vrat diet. From rich shakes to juices and smoothies, there are plenty of refreshing drinks that you can sip on during your Navratri fasts this year. Here are some of the recipes to try.

1.   Badam Sharbat  

This is a healthy and nutritious drink that can keep you energised and full for longer hours. The badam sharbat is loaded with soaked and crushed almonds and milk. The drink is made from a thick and smooth paste which lends it a rich texture. Flavoured with cardamom, the sharbat is sweetened with the addition of sugar. Add some chopped almonds on top for finishing. 

2.  Gud Cooler

Gud or jaggery is a natural sweetener which is super healthy and tastes delicious. The same is used to make a vrat-friendly cooler. Packed with the sweet flavours and health benefits of jaggery, the cooler also contains chia seeds. Add a dash of lime juice to the drink and a sweet and tangy beverage is ready to be devoured.

3.   Golden Milk Latte

While this might sound like an offbeat choice in summers, it comes with immense health benefits. Also known as haldi wala doodh, which is a common home remedy for cough and cold, this latte is made with turmeric, milk, cinnamon, and ginger. The warm yellow beverage is soothing for the soul and also keeps digestive problems at bay. It keeps up the energy levels during Navratri.

4.  Mint Shikanji

The flavourful desi drink that rejuvenates the body is shikanji. This is not to be confused with lemonade or nimbu paani. This shikanji recipe is flavoured with mint or pudina. The mint leaves have a cooling effect on the body and make it ideal for vrats. Add to this, spices like cumin and chaat masala which make it different from lemonade.

5.  Pineapple Mango Smoothie

A creamy and delicious smoothie that is healthy yet filling, the pineapple and mango combination is a tempting drink to make during fasts. Since the emphasis is on fresh fruits and vegetables, this smoothie is the most apt beverage to make. Churn pineapple and mango chunks with coconut milk and slurp away. It is very thick in texture and doesn’t have any added sweetness so it doesn’t add up to your calories either.