Navratri 2022: This No Onion-Garlic Dum Aloo Is A Perfect Lunch
Image Credit: Try this easy recipe sans onion and garlic for Navratri this year.

According to the Hindu scriptures, the nine days of fasting, also known as Navratri, is a sacred time of the year when one can detox and release all the toxins from one’s body. Eating clean, light, and healthy is one of the major areas of focus during this time of the year. Abstaining from non-vegetarian food as well as ingredients like onions and garlic are some of the food restrictions that are followed in these fasts.

The reason why onions and garlic are avoided by those who observe these fasts is that the worshippers are supposed to attain purity and lead a simple life, following a Sattvic diet. Since onions and garlic are rajasmic and tamasic foods, it is best to avoid them during Navratri. The latter refers to a carnal energy that is produced in the body after consuming these foods that prevents one from connecting with the Lord and having a clear mindset.

Since these two important cooking ingredients of Indian cooking are forbidden during the fasting period, people often look for alternative ways to make the same dishes at home. Here’s a recipe of dum aloo that you can make for Navratri lunch, because it is made sans onion and garlic and is completely vrat-friendly.  


    ½ kg baby potatoes  

    1 tsp green chilli paste  

    1 tsp ginger paste  

    2 bay leaves  

    1 tsp red chilli powder  

    1 tbsp rock salt  

    15 cashews  

Dum Aloo

    Begin the preparation by boiling the baby potatoes.  

    Meanwhile, prepare the masala for dum aloo.  

    For this, take some green cardamom and cloves and toss them with bay leaves in a pan.  

    Saute the mix well in oil.  

    Then, grind poppy seeds, garlic, green chilli and curd in a grinder.  

    Add to this some cashew nuts and make a smooth paste.  

    Throw in this paste to the pan with the sautéed mixture.  

    Then, add your boiled potatoes and fry them a little.  

    Finally, add more masala and some water.  

    Let it cook for some time with the lid covered.  

    Garnish with coriander leaves and garam masala.  

    You can pair dum aloo with kuttu poori for a Navratri lunch.