Navratri 2022: Sabudana Dishes You Can't Miss

Most awaited time of the year is here and we can’t be happier. Navratri comes with a lot of enthusiasm, fervour, feasting, and fasting. Navratri is that auspicious time of the year when people worship the nine avatars of Goddess Durga. And when we talk about Indian celebrations, it is not possible to not talk about food. And why not! Our food is undoubtedly a reflection of our traditions and customs. 

Sabudana is an inseparable part of Navratri. Not only sabudana is a powerhouse of nutrition but has ample health benefits. This is one of the reasons why sabudana is eaten in the Navratri fast. On this note, let us tell you some dishes made from sabudana that you should definitely try this Navratri to boost up your festive feels. Have a look:  

1. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana khichdi is something we all know about and this is the easiest recipe you can make. This can be made in no time and remains an all-time favourite. This khichdi doesn’t require many ingredients and is also easy to digest. 

2. Sabudana Vada

Another famous dish that is made with sabudana or sago is vada. We need not say that sabudana has ample health benefits and any dish made up with it would be the best. Khichdi and vada are two popular dishes made in almost every household during Navratri. 

3. Sabudana Kebab

Yes, you read that right. You can have kebabs during Navratri but only those that are made from sabudana. Made up of mashed potatoes, curd, sabudana, and spices, this tastes amazing and is a perfect snack to be served to guests during this festive season. 

                                     Image credits: Youtube

4. Sabudana Kheer

This dessert made from sabudana is an absolute delight that you shouldn’t miss. Believe me, it is even tastier than your regular rice kheer. This concoction of sabudana, milk, and sugar is easy to prepare and easy to digest. 

5. Sabudana Tikki

Tikki is a street food that we miss having during our Navratri fasts. This sabudana vada can satisfy your cravings. It is a simpler recipe with a lip-smacking taste. One can have it with green chutney or red chutney. 

Happy Navratri!