Top 5 Sabudana Recipes For Lunch If You’re Fasting
Image Credit: From khichdi to vada, there's a lot that you can make with sabudana.

Sabudana aka sago is a popular ingredient that is used in several fast recipes Many Hindu fasts involve certain restrictions around food items that can be consumed and avoided. While it is said that you should restrain from eating non-veg and consuming alcohol, the cooked food shouldn’t involve the use of garlic and onion. Several flours are also prohibited from consumption like wheat. Due to this, alternatives like ragi, semolina and amaranth atta are used instead. 

Since it is summers, staying hydrated and consuming fruits high in water content is essential during vrats. The given restrictions can be a hassle to decide what to eat and what not to eat. Sabudana is one ingredient that is easy to work with and can be added to a whole lot dishes. 

Here are some sabudana recipes that you can prepare for lunch.

1.  Sabudana Vada

Crispy, crunchy and a delight to the taste buds, sabudana vada is a filling snack that can be eaten for lunch too. The deep-fried fritter is made from tapioca pearls and served with tomato ketchup and green chutney. 

2.  Sabudana Khichdi 

The one-pot rice dish, khichdi, is a super quick lunch idea. The rice and lentil combination is replaced by sabudana or sago, mixed with potatoes, peas, tomato, carrots and lemon juice. The dish is garnished with green chillies and peanuts for the crunch. 

3.  Sabudana Tikki 

Tasty, healthy and very filling, these sabudana tikkis are so delicious that you might end up eating them after your fasts too. The crunchy sabudana cutlets, mixed with mashed potatoes, are shallow fried and served hot. 

4.  Sabudana Seekh Kebab 

Surprised at the mention of seekh kebabs during fasts? Well, these are vrat-friendly seekh kebabs made from tapioca pearls. Set on skewers, along with curd, red chilli and rajgira atta, the kebabs are grilled and served crispy hot. 

5.  Sabudana Kheer 

Now, when you’ve had your lunch, you can’t just walk away without a dessert right? The sabudana beads are added to the milk pudding which is usually made with rice. This is then served either hot or cold with a few strands of saffron.