Mira Rajput Enjoys Beetroot Soup: Here’s Why You Should Too
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

By now most of us who follow Mira Kapoor know what a big foodie she is. We have seen her drooling over food every now and then, and her several posts and stories on social media makes us drool too. In fact, over the years Mira has definitely made a mark for herself as a food and fashion influencer. Not just for mouth-watering food, the diva also keeps sharing diet and health tips as well with her following of over 3 million on Instagram. While we enjoy her sinful indulgences, we love how she strikes a balance with some clean meals too. Her latest Instagram story is a perfect example of the same. 

After returning from a long European holiday with husband Shahid Kapoor and kids Misha and Zain, Mira is now on a spree of eating clean. After all, all those delicious indulgences of pizzas, cupcakes, croissants and more, have to be compensated! After her mealof ‘ghiya’, Mira  is now on to vibrant and colourful foods, chose a bowl of beetroot soup to begin with. Sharing an Insta-story featuring her 'yum' meal, Mira showed us her beautiful bowl of beetroot soup. Take a look: 

Doesn't it look absolutely healthy and delicious? Well, you can’t get any healthier than this! And we suggest you must include it in your diet too, especially during the monsoon season. Wondering why? We’ve got reasons.  

Health Benefits Of Beetroot 

Beetroot is considered one of the healthiest vegetables that one can consume during monsoons, as well as winter season. A storehouse of fibre, vitamins, folic acid, antioxidants, potassium and other essential nutrients, experts claim that beetroot makes for a great inclusion in the seasonal diet as it helps prevent indigestion and nourishes us from within. Besides, it also helps boost immunity against seasonal diseases and promote gut health. Monsoon being the season of infections, is the perfect time to reap in the benefits this deep-red coloured-fruit has to offer.  

Now that you are well aware of the benefits of beetroot, how about making some beetroot soup at home to add-in your monsoon diet?  

How To Make Beetroot Soup 

This easy recipe for beetroot soup also uses carrots and leeks, but you can add veggies of your choice. Boiled beetroot, cooled and chopped into chunks are added to a hot stockpot of oil, along with freshly cut carrots, onions and leeks. Post this, chicken stock is added to the soup, and simmered till carrots are soft. It is then blended until thick and creamy, and served topped with sour cream, a dash of black pepper and mint leaf/coriander. It is lightly spiced with black pepper and salt, lending a subtle flavour. Click here for the full recipe of beetroot soup. 

So try this easy recipe and enjoy the season just like Mira Kapoor.