Mira Kapoor Is Back To Ghiya And Her Healthy Diet Post Vacation
Image Credit: Mira Kapoor/Instagram, Ghiya is Mira's long-lost love.

If there’s something that a true desi at heart would crave in a foreign land, it is the rich and delicious Indian food. Mira Kapoor seems to be one of them. While she definitely makes it to the list of foodies, the mom-preneur is also a fitness freak like many actors and actresses in Bollywood. When Mira is not eating or taking care of her kids, she’s probably working out. Not just that, she also likes to balance her exercise regime with a healthy diet. 

While she was on family vacation in Europe for the longest time, enjoying the British summer, the young mom shared how grateful she feels after coming back home. In a recent post on her Instagram stories, she shared something about her long-lost love. Any guesses what that is? Well, it’s Ghiya. Also known as lauki in Hindi and bottle gourd in English, ghiya is a nutritious vegetable with a high water content. The good part is that you can make it into a subzi, a curry or even add it to your raita. 

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Mira seems to enjoy the vegetable a lot and we can understand the level of her happiness, given the struggles she faced looking for vegetarian food in the foreign land. While she was struggling, she also had the best of delicacies on her vacation with husband, Shahid Kapoor and kids, Zain and Misha. Now that she is back, she did not wait even a day to get back to her regular diet and home-cooked food. A dil se desi kind of person, Mira enjoys home-cooked Indian food more than anything else, as per an interview with a leading media publication. 

She believes in making and eating wholesome and nutritious food, that is a combination of several items like vegetables, lentils and spices. Amongst spices, haldi seems to her go-to ingredient in the kitchen. Haldi, aka turmeric, is known for containing antioxidants and is the most important component of Mira’s secret kadha, as per an interview with a leading media publication. A concoction of ginger, black pepper and haldi, she believes that this kadha is a great detox and the perfect way to start one’s morning. 

While Mira doesn’t follow any special diet, she indulges in her homemade food and sticks to a balanced diet for herself and her family. However, once in a while, she does have pizza with cheese too but gets back on track in time too, just like after her long Europe vacation.