Soup-er Se Upar: Healthy And Zesty Cold Soups For Weight Loss
Image Credit: Image credit: Pexels| Cold soups

Even though it may be getting warmer outside, you can still find comfort in a bowl of delectable soup. If you're feeling hot, a chilled melon and lavender soup or strawberry gazpacho will help you cool off and stoke the summer sun. Soups are an excellent choice for meals if you're trying to lose weight because they're nourishing, rich in taste and nutrients, and simple to make. They include filling fibre to stave off hunger, unlike liquids. That's why we compiled a list of soup recipes that are prepared with incredibly healthy ingredients and are wonderful when cooled. Consider healthy vegetable medleys and fruit combinations that are similar of smoothie bowls. 

Image credit: Pexels Cold Green Soup 

The spring green detox soup is really a salad because of the abundance of peas, spinach, sweet potatoes, and onions. When vegetables are in season, feel free to add more – the more, the merrier. Those leafy greens will support your body's natural detoxification and cleansing processes. Thus maintain the metabolic rate that aids in weight loss.  

Chilled Cream of Basil Soup 

This chilled soup has a very creamy and hearty base made from cashew sauce. Before blending, be sure to soak raw cashews for a few hours or overnight to help soften them. Basil, a summertime favourite for its amazingly refreshing flavour, and spinach, for its lovely brilliant green colour and vitamin K content, are both excellent choices. The red wine vinegar and lemon dressing offers a zesty, acidic flavour, while the corn and cucumber toppings adds a healthful crunch. 

Strawberry and Tomato Gazpacho 

This flavor-rich gazpacho, which strikes the ideal balance between sweet and salty, is a great way to make lunchtime a healthier activity. (However, if you're in the mood for something a little indulgent, we recommend the dollop of goat cheese.) The ideal pink bowl of antioxidant deliciousness contains strawberries, tomatoes, mint, and crisp cucumber to top a dose of hydration. 

Chilled Kiwi Mango Soup 

Imagine sunshine in a bowl or glass like this bright yellow soup. Simply blend frozen mango and kiwi cubes, both high in vitamin C, with finely chopped fresh mint. Yes, this refreshing chilled soup that you can eat for breakfast or a quick snack just requires few ingredients. It goes well with sturdy whole-grain bread spread with peanut butter, or you can add Greek yoghurt for added protein. 

Cold Beet Soup 

The benefit of chilled soups is that you can truly appreciate the vibrant colours of the fruits and vegetables. Beets have a vibrant magenta hue that is similar to dragonfruit smoothie bowls. Beets' inherently sweet flavour is countered by cucumbers, onions, and garlic. Choose your preferred toppings. For their satisfying richness, Greek yoghurt and avocado are personal favourites. 

Strawberry Coconut Soup With Mint 

This soup can fulfil your sweet craving if you're looking for a sweet soup. The major component is strawberry puree, and low-fat coconut milk adds a sweeter, nuttier flavour. Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, and coconut milk is a quick and heart-healthy substitute for other cold sweets. If you want the mixture to be even colder, blend in some ice.