However, can you imagine sipping a hot bowl of soup on a warm day? We can’t too. That’s why we explored the idea of cold soups. They have a high-water content and can be easily paired with fresh green salads. This makes them a perfect meal for summers.  

Find some refreshing cold soups you can try this season.  

1. Spanish Gazpacho  

A Spanish no-cook cold soup is like all you were looking for. This is a simple tomato soup is blended in water, together with cucumber, peppers, garlic and vinegar. Once you achieve a smooth consistency, combine it with olive oil. Add salt and other seasoning before refrigeration.  

2. English Pea Soup  

This can have a vegetarian as well as a meaty version. For the former, peas and mint leaves are combined with onions, garlic and salt. Once cooked, they are blended in a puree and finally cooked in a pan again with more peas. In a meaty version, you can add shrimps or crab to the soup or simply garnish it with grated parmesan.  

3. Hungary’s Sour Cherry Soup  

Since summers are a season of cherries, you’ll find plenty of them. And while we are at it, why not try a sour cherry cold soup? A Hungarian specialty, this soup requires tart cherries and some cream for garnishing. It can be a starter of your show or a dessert climax. Whatever it is, it is definitely invigorating.  

4. Eastern Europe’s Beetroot Borscht  

Beetroot is a saviour in summers. With abundant cooling properties, it is the ideal summer soup. A favourite in Eastern Europe, the chilled beetroot borscht makes for a sweet soup with the tanginess of apple cider vinegar. 

Hot soups are passé. After a long tired summer day, cold soups can be your companion.