Mira Kapoor’s London Trip Features ‘Vegan High Tea On A Bus’
Image Credit: Mira Kapoor/Instagram, Mira Kapoor relished vegan desserts like scones.

While the concept of high-tea, or rather afternoon tea, is quite common in England, Mira Kapoor’s recent high-tea experience in London was nothing short of an adventure. The mom-influencer is on a family vacation to Europe, and is currently having a gala time in London. Along with her husband, actor Shahid Kapoor and her two kids, she hopped on a bus activity that amazed us all. The tea-time bus tour was quite an interesting event that she added to her itinerary and left us all happy and smiling. Foodie Mira has always been quite active in sharing her love for food and did not disappoint us this time either.

The 27-year-old mother of two gave us a sneak peek into her high tea menu at the moving bus tour. Organised by a famous bakery in London called Brigit’s, the tea-time bus tour is a fascinating experience that is very popular in the city. Giving us a closer look at the desserts and snacks, we saw Mira’s Instagram stories full of creamy vegan scones, adorable pastries, cute muffins and so much more. She captioned one of the pictures as, ‘On peppa’s bus’, and tagged Brigit's Bakery too.

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The white and pink themed tea party looked very cute and adorable. There were a few savoury treats below the scones too, vegetable crispy rolls and puffs. Mira loved everything on the high tea spread as she wrote, ‘Delish’, in one of her stories. This isn’t the first time that she has shared her delicious nibbles of the day with us. Earlier too, when Mira was on a girls' trip with her best friends to Dubai, she gorged on some lip-smacking delights at the Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest building. 

Her current Euro-trip is nothing short of a treat to watch. In fact, Mira has always been an enthusiast when it comes to family trips. Be it the picnic basket that had burgers and fries or the snack bag that she carries whenever she’s travelling, the young lady always keeps food on her priority list.