Mira Kapoor’s Favourite Food Includes These Indian Dishes
Image Credit: Mira Kapoor/Instagram, Her favourites include a dish cooked by Pankaj Kapur too.

When you’re from a non-foodie family, it is rare to find someone who’s a hard-core foodie. Mira is one of them. While Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor’s wife may not be seen in a film yet, she has surely made her mark in the industry with her charming personality and good looks. Did you know that Mira is a die-hard foodie too? The mother-of-two, Mira has never disappointed her Instagram followers, as she constantly shares updates about her nibbles.

A pure vegetarian, who knows how to strike a balance between indulgence and health, she works out as much as she eats. From yoga to pilates, she is involved in several forms of exercise. No wonder she’s able to maintain such a fit body even after gulping down loads of food. If you are an ardent follower, you’d know that Mira loves home-cooked Indian food. As much as she loves her pizza and fries, she cannot live without simple, homemade desi meals. 

In one of her AMA sessions, the mom-influencer revealed her favourite foods. Upon being asked about this, she listed down numerous Indian dishes that are her favourite. This included Dal Makhani, Gujarati Kadhi, Paneer Makhani and Soya Chaap. In fact, vegetables like ghiya and baingan also made it to her list of favourites, and we aren’t surprised. Often, the 27-year-old mother is seen eating a bowl of salad.

Indian Food 

Then there was something else that caught our attention. At the end of the list, she also talks about an orange paneer curry made by her father-in-law, Pankaj Kapur. Interesting, right? What is even more fascinating is the fact that she doesn’t only enjoy eating but loves to cook too. From salad bowls to authentic fares, she basically lives to eat.

While Maggi noodles act as a stress-buster for her, she can rarely say no to a creamy and milk coconut Khao Suey. She even enjoys South Indian delicacies like a spicy rasam, appam and stew. The foodie Mira seems to be a pizza lover too, as is evident from her recent post on Instagram, where she teaches us how to slice a pizza.