Anupam Kher Shares Kangana Ranaut's Favourite Food During Shoot
Image Credit: Anupam Kher/Instagram, Anupam's tiffin carrier had kadhi chawal packed and he shared it with Kangana.

Haven’t we all heard the saying, Sharing is caring? Seems like this popular Bollywood actor believes in sharing too. Anupam Kher is a fan of home-cooked food. While Kashmiri food is his favourite, he enjoys anything that is made with love and affection. This time, he decided to share the love and food with co-actor, Kangana on the sets of their upcoming film. What were they having? 

Recently, Kangana took to her Instagram stories to share glimpses of a humble meal that she was enjoying with her co-actor in the middle of the shoot. Working on a new project called Emergency, the two actors are having a gala time shooting this political film and amidst this, we saw Anupam treating Kangana to her favourite food. In a story posted by Kangana, we see a table full of home-cooked food in tiffin carrier boxes, filled with kadhi chawal. Then there are some others with sukhe aloo (dry potatoes) too. 

Kadhi chawal is a popular food combination that is often had for lunch in many parts of the country. The creamy yoghurt gravy, filled with fried fritters is mixed with steamed rice and enjoyed. This also happens to be Kangana Ranuat’s favourite food, as mentioned by Kangana in her caption. She says, “favourite actor @anupamkher and favourite food… kadi chawal and sookhe aloo wah! Life is set #emergency”. 

The two actors seem to be enjoying this home-cooked meal to the core as they share their happy faces right after panning on the meal. While Anupam is known to be a foodie, Kangana’s foodie side wasn’t that prominent until now. Now we know that Kangana loves to eat Kadhi chawal. One thing common between the two Bollywood celebrities is that they are very connected to their roots and like the basic, homemade preparations. Kangana likes her authentic pahadi delicacies while Anupam has expressed his love for Kashmiri saag, dum aloo and other treats on several occasions.