Do You Know How To Make Rajasthani Kadhi Kaise Banate Hai Or Marwadi Kadhi, Chef Kunal Kapur Shares Recipe
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Kadhi, A Curd Based Dish Is Much Popular In The Northern Part Of The Country, mostly around Rajasthanis Or Marawaris, Gujratis, Sindhis And Punjab. All of them are known to have a distinct variety of kadhi. Withlittle taste, texture that keeps varying from region to region the basic remains the same that is curd. This word Kadhi is supposedly known to have come from South Indian, Tamil language and was widely used before 1500 BC. 

This Rajasthani dish is said to be s greatly influenced by the dry and barren landscape of the region and also the scarcity of water. Being a dry and drought-ridden region people have adapted in such way helping to evolve a dish like this. As water is scarce in this region since water is scarce, hence the food is mostly milk, yogurt or ghee-based, which gives the food and rich texture which is typical of Rajasthani cuisine. Also the neighbouring states of Punjab, Gujarat and more have seemed to have borrowed the besan kadhi pakora, though state has given a taste of their own with some unique tarka or the other. This yougurt based gravy dish that sees tampering of cumin, chilli and garlic always gives a much string aroma and goes best with steamed rice or vaghareli khichdi. 

While the Punjabi Kadhi is thicker (sans jaggery), with some and potatoes and spinach pakoda added to it, Gujarati karhi is usually minus the pakoras and is a little sweet on the palate. 

Tiday chef Kunal Kapur who is much active on Instagram with his recipe videos explained how to make Rajasthani style kadhi. 

He further wrote “Rajasthani style kadhi recipe with lots of tips and interesting facts about our favorite - Kadhi! This is a simple kadhi recipe to help you satiate your lunch/dinner cravings during any time of the week. Its simplicity and flavours are what makes it a must-try recipe.

Kadhi is prepared in almost every state of India. And being a Punjabi myself we feel ke kadi chawal to hamari invention hai. Lekin food historian ki mani jaye to kadhi shayad pehli baar Rajasthan mein bani.

Aur shayad pehle besan ki jagah makki ka aat istemal hota tha.

Kadi comes from the word kadhna, slow cooking on low heat to thicken and bring out the flavour.



For Kadhi Mixture -

Dahi (Curd) – 1½ cups

Besan (gram flour) – 4tbsp

Salt – to taste

Haldi (turmeric) – – ¾ tsp

Mirch (Chilli) Powder – 1½ tsp

Water – 5cups

For 1st Tempering -

Tel (oil) – 5tbsp

Sookhi lal mirch (Dry red Chilli) – 2nos

Tej Patta (Bayleaf) – 3nos

Methi dana (fenugreek) – ½ tsp

Heeng (asafoetida) – ½ tsp

Sarson (Mustard seeds) – 2tsp

Laung (Cloves) – 4-5nos

Dhaniya Coriander seeds – 2tbsp

Jeera (cumin) – 2tsp

Saunf (fennel seeds) – 2tsp

Curry leaves – 2 sprigs

Hari Mirch (green chillies) chopped – 1no

Adrak (ginger) chopped – 2tsp

For 2nd Tempering (optional)

Ghee – 2tbsp

Kashmiri chilli powder – 1tsp