Masaba Gupta’s Desi Monsoon Grub Is Making Us Drool
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Pakoda is one snack that no Indian foodie can ever resist, no matter what time of the year it is. But during the monsoon season, it just seems like a tradition to indulge in a plate full of crispy hot pakodas. While we love all sorts of pakodas, onion fritters or Pyaz Ke Pakode is one that most of us just can’t resist. And it looks like even Masaba Gupta agrees with us on this matter. 

In her latest food shenanigan, the celebrity fashion designer, who is also a self-confessed foodie, treated herself to a plateful of delicious onion fritters over the weekend, the picture of which is making us drool. Masaba took to her Instagram Stories to show off her yummy pakodas. Sharing an image of the onion fritters, she said, “Full plate just for me.” Needless to say, the post has us craving some too. Take a look at her post: 

Aren’t you slurping already? Known to often share her food indulgences on social media, Masaba likes to balance her meals with a bit of deliciousness as well as some healthy bites. 

In fact, she swears by simple, home-cooked food that is quick and easy to prepare. Don’t believe us? Well, recently the designer also shared a glimpse of her South Indian meal that featured Idiyappam - a popular rice noodle dish from Kerala - besides Avial - another Malayali staple - and a preparation of red amaranth and cowpea curry with raita. Read more about it here

Masaba is also a mango lover, as she announced the latest season of her Netflix series Masaba Masaba, with a foodie post featuring the summer favourite. She shared a picture of herself gorging on juicy mangoes.  “An aam start to an exciting day,” Masaba wrote. Now that is definitely a foodie talking.

We are loving her latest foodie outing, and it has even made us run to our kitchens to fry some Pyaz Ke Pakode. Are you in the same boat? We’ve got an easy recipe to try right here.