If the sound of raindrops clattering on your misty windows, the sweet smell of wet mud and the strong gush of winds, makes you want to run to your kitchen and indulge in something fried and crisp, then congratulations. You are one of the (many) desis who are either too obsessed with the monsoon or the Bollywood. In any case, you need your hot pakodas and we are here to help.

For the uninitiated, pakodas are deep-fried Indian fritters that are made with a range of items. You can sneak in green, veggies, and even flowers in your pakodas. Just dip them in the batter and fry till crisp and golden brown. Making pakodas does sound very easy on paper, it is only when you begin to make it do you understand what a challenging feat it is. The batter could be too thin, inadequate ingredients, and worse what if they do not turn out to be crispy? No one is a fan of soggy, soft pakodas and that is the ultimate truth.  

Cooking Hack: How To Make Crispy Pakodas

So, what can you do to make your pakodas crispier? Here’s a cool hack we learnt recently. Traditionally, pakoda batter is made by mixing besan of gram flour with water and spices. Turns out, adding rice flour or chawal ka atta to the batter could give your pakodas a crunchy wafer-like crispness. The rice flour helps pakodas to obtain the perfect lightness as it prevents it from soaking too much oil.

Other things that you can also try is choosing an oil with high smoke point, like vegetable oil or peanut oil. Try taking a heavy bottom kadhai to fry your pakodas, this will ensure your pakodas do not stick together and get uniform temperature to fry. Chopping vegetables really thin also helps. Fry pakodas in smaller batches and over medium flame.