Masaba Gupta Relishes ‘The Greatest Club Sandwich To Exist’, Seen Yet?
Image Credit: Masaba was recently on a trip to Italy. Image: Instagram @masabagupta

Social media has brought us closer to some of our favourite celebrities, and as a result we now know how they are often just like us. Food, for instance, is one of the weaknesses of most of them too, and we can all relate to their cravings and indulgences - be it Kareena’s love for biryani, Karisma’s coffee obsession, Sonam’s midnight pizza cravings or Malaika’s love for south Indian food. But the award for the best food post goes to Masaba Gupta. Why? Her food updates from her trip to Italy are all things mouth-watering, and that is what’s keeping us glued to her timeline. But everything aside, her latest Instagram Stories featured a revelation – she found “the greatest club sandwich to exist!”. 

Sharing a picture with a platter of one of the most iconic snacks – a lip-smacking club sandwich, the celebrity fashion designer wrote, “The greatest club sandwich to exist. Hands down. Ladies”, and tagged her close friends Rhea Kapoor and Pooja Dhingra. In the picture, we could see the four triangular pieces of sandwich with the quintessential yummy stuffing and oodles of cheese in between. Take a look: 

Looks absolutely delicious, doesn’t it? Masaba seemed to have enjoyed it a lot. If that’s not enough, she had previously shared snippets from Italy’s food diaries. From ice creams to the classic Italian dish Bolognese, Masaba's Italian updates are keeping us on our toes, and making us hungry. Need proof? Take a look at this video.

From cheesy toast and Bolognese pasta, to salmon paired with fresh fruits, and a sumptuous plate of colourful spaghetti and a fruity beverage, the video is a testimony of how Masaba’s trip to Italy is a foodie’s paradise. Missed the dessert? She had a cup of gelato ice cream of pistachio mixed with biscuit and chocolate cream. The sinful dessert is making us slurp! "o much world to see • A city that leaves you with no choice but to look up" Masaba wrote in the caption of her video.

Masaba is a complete foodie, and this isn’t the first time she has revealed this. In the past, she had shared her love for crispy mathri with avocado dip. She also enjoys every season to the fullest. For instance, one of her summer-friendly indulgences included a delectable frozen dessert that is perfect considering the scorching heat. Last month, she had shared a picture of a bright and tasty popsicle or ice pops, on Instagram Stories and left us drooling. She wrote, “The day is done.” 

We are completely in love with Masaba’s food diaries and can’t wait to see what’s in store next.