Malaika Arora’s Sindhi Lunch Is Making Us Drool
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Indian cuisine is one that never cease to surprise us, no matter what your taste buds might be craving. With a host of regional cuisines under its umbrella, Indian cuisine has a massive fan following. Perhaps this is why no matter how much you travel across the world, or swoon over croissants, baguette, spaghetti or lasagna, the sight of a comforting Indian meal will always call you back. And Malaika Arora proves this every time. The Bollywood diva who loves to document her indulgences and share them with her fans on social media, is a self-confessed foodie. Despite the envious physique that she has successfully maintained over the years, Malaika manages to sample a variety of dishes from time to time. Her recent trip to Paris with actor Arjun Kapoor was all about the couple trying the local food in the city of love. Read more about it here.  

Back home, Malaika loves to gorge on home cooked desi delicacies including simple khichdi and achaar, dal, and south Indian food. She never shies away from gorging upon regional cuisine as well, and her latest post on social media is all about it. 

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Malaika shared snippets of her latest indulgence- a traditional Sindhi feast. A cuisine which is predominantly non-vegetarian, Sindhi cuisine balances it out with some mouth-watering vegetarian options as well. From mouth-watering meat curries to traditional vegetarian dals and sabzis - Sindhi cuisine has it all! And it seems like Malaika loved the staple combination of the cuisine- dal pakwan with chutney. 

In her first picture we could see a table set with yummy-looking delicacies. We could spot dal pakwan accompanied by some chutney, a bowl of what looked like Sindhi tidli dal, a casserole of breads which could be Koki. For the unversed, koki is just like a paratha, but a little thicker and is made by a mix of wheat flour, onion, coriander leaves, curry leaves, pomegranate seeds, and lots of desi ghee. In another bowl we could see a curry-like dish which could be chicken. A bowl of rice accompanied it. There was also a plate with fritter-like snack in it. ‘The way to our arora hearts is via our stomachs... @rakheevaswani thank u for the delicious Sindhi feast’ Malaika wrote on the photo thanking a friend. 

In the second picture Malaika gave a close up of dal pakwan and chutney and wrote ‘The ultimate combo’ along with a heart emoji. Take a look: 


Doesn’t the meal look absolutely drool-worthy? Sindhi cuisine is definitely one of the most loved across in the country. If you too are craving some from the cuisine, here are some recipes you must try.