Arjun Kapoor And Malaika Arora ‘Can’t Stop’ Feasting In Paris

Actor Arjun Kapoor rang in his 37th birthday in the ever-so-beautiful Paris. He was also joined by his girlfriend Malaika Arora. Both the actors are having a gala time in the ‘city of love’ and their latest Instagram stories are proof. Besides being all ‘touristy’ as Malaika alleges Arjun in one of her stories, the couple is also relishing the local delights. Paris is a haven for cutesy bakeries, and in one of these bakeries, the duo forgot about their diet and indulged in some delish desserts. Arjun shared the image of the same in one of his stories, which was reshared by Malaika with the caption “can’t stop, won’t stop”. The image featured a delicate, ‘Mille feuille’. Also known as Napolean cake, this rich confection consists of thin layers of puff pastry filled with jam and cream. In the modern Mille Feuille, you see little balls of cream clotted over the thin pastry layers, as opposed to a uniform spread. Makes the dessert more gram-worthy, don’t you think?  

Instagram @arjunkapoor

Another dessert in the image looked like a star-shaped chocolate cake that was topped with raspberries, blackberries and cream.  

There’s something about French desserts that triggers the glutton in us. Here are some classic Parisian desserts you must try.


The delicate pastry appears like small logs that are stuffed with a custardy filling, with the help of a piping bag. Typically, eclairs also come with a chocolate glaze on top and dust of castor sugar. It is one of the crown jewels of French baking. 


Macarons also called macaroons, are delicate delights that look a lot like cookies, but aren’t quite. They look super stunning but are slightly difficult to make. The sweet meringue-based confection is made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond meal, and food colouring.


Beignets are deep-fried choux pastry, that looks a lot like doughnuts. They are crisp and perfectly golden, with a deliciously soft interior. Unlike doughnuts, the dough is not yeast-based. Beignets are a popular Mardi Gras treat.  

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc, translates to ‘white mountain’ in French and if you look at the dessert once, you would know why the name is most befitting. The dessert comprises a layer of meringue, which is topped with a rich chestnut purée and whipped cream.